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2021, the Year of Self-Reliance

By Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun

Happy New Year to all of you Caprock Patriot readers. Congratulations, you’ve made it to 2021! And what a year it’s been. A political uprising, Trump has been banned from all social media platforms and has been impeached for a second time, and as of today, all 50 state capitols, as well as the nation’s capital, are preparing for the inauguration.

If you can’t tell, this article is currently being written before the fateful day. With all of these things going on in our brand new year, which comes after the chaos we all experienced from the last one, I want to begin a conversation about self-reliance.

There are several different pursuits that can be made once one begins a lifestyle of self-reliance and different levels of achievement and philosophical frameworks. What most people start to consider before even starting the lifestyle is the question, “how much is this going to cost me.” So, before we approach the categories of self-reliance and how to pursue them, let’s first address the prioritization and motivations as to why this is something we ought even to consider and to be assured that the “cost” is something we can bear.

Libertarian Congressman Thomas Massie has a short documentary on YouTube called “Off the Grid” in which a team of film crew and producers observes the Massie family lifestyle, journey, and philosophy in terms of self-reliance and independence. In this documentary, we are shown the family’s solar system. We are given the explanation that such a system allows individual and individual families the chance to be disconnected from the umbilical cord of the system or of the government.

This example is one of many that provides a keen example of possibilities and reason to retake individual power and autonomy. And as a matter of resource-based ability, self-reliance also shapes the frame of mind into one that no longer perceives self-reliance and independence as a sacrifice from the luxuries and ease of the grander system. In short, we begin to reverse engineer the perception that we are too incapable of being on our own. Once we make this realization, we begin to reawaken the dormant muscles of our own fortitude and capabilities to be our own person, to be our own families.

In conclusion, and in my opinion, we must be redirected into a journey in which we become our own selves again. We must begin the quest of self-reliance and begin to not see ourselves as subjects to a system that can’t stand on its own. We must reframe our perspective of bigger paychecks, bigger bank accounts, and grander safety nets into one of autonomy, self-reliance, and in the end, fuller freedom. Until that point, stay safe.


Submitted by Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun, Lubbock, TX,; and by Lubbock Shooting Complex/Hub City Clays, Lubbock, TX,


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