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Anti-Gun Liberals and Common Sense

By Charles Johns

An angry extremist Muslim rented a van then drove into a crowd killing at least 10 and injuring 15 others. Did liberal gun haters shout “VAN VIOLENCE”? Did they mention how many millions of us own vans or maybe even assault vans? If it has a big V8, mag wheels, a flame paint job, maybe it could be considered an assault van. To be technical, an assault rifle must be selective-fire, meaning it can be switched to fully automatic or at least 3 shot bursts.

Did anyone notice the media was interested in his mental state? No reporter said anything bad about the van in question. They mentioned it was white but did not place any blame on it. They have enough common sense to understand the van is an inanimate object and does not have feelings or animus toward anyone. The van is simply a tool the bad guy used improperly… the same as a crazy person misusing a gun. There is one big difference though, the gun can be used to STOP violence against innocent citizens and is used that way often, by police and good citizens. Because no crime is committed if a citizen uses a gun to stop a crime, the incident is often not reported, and the world is not aware of the protection the gun provided. See John Lott PHD on-line.

Now, for those phony statistics used by liberals to show how many innocent Americans die each day by guns, let us look at facts. Many are gang shootings and bad guy on bad guy. Each year at least 200,000 times a gun is used to stop a bad guy from committing a crime. That stat does not include those times a good guy with a gun simply shows it to the bad guy, thereby stopping the robbery, rape, murder, etc., before it ever happens.

Imagine a stabbing with a kitchen knife, which is common and called a weapon-of-opportunity, and a reporter calls it “knife” violence. They would be fired…except maybe in California. Should housewives turn in their knives? What if they have one of those wooden block knife-holders with many styles of knives like my wife has. Is she in possession of a dreaded “High Capacity” knife magazine? Should she be required to register her knives? What about a 5-day waiting period to purchase a knife or a limit on how many she can own? Maybe they should be kept in a gun safe until needed. Maybe all knives should have removable blades that must be kept out of the handle until ready to use. What about a lockable sheath that is child proof? Would that make them safe enough?

When a baseball bat is used to do serious harm or kill, has any reporter called it “baseball bat” violence? I doubt it.

Guns are tools that serve a serious purpose like a kitchen knife, and either can be used to commit crimes. Take a serious look at history and one finds knives were the weapon of choice before the gun was invented. Long knives are swords but still blades. After the gun was invented, some military person stuck a knife on the end of it and called it a bayonet. Once the fighting closed to short distances, hand-to-hand combat started with the bayonet being a large part of death and bloody fighting. But I have never heard a reporter suggest banning knives, registering them, requiring a 5-day waiting period to purchase one, limiting how many one can own, or blaming the knife for the death of a human being.

If one uses a knife, baseball bat, automobile, poison, electrical shock, pushes another off a tall building, or bores them to death with long rhetoric… like this article, the PERSON doing the deed is held responsible and should be… except for me. I am doing a service to the community explaining common sense… which seems to have left the building with Elvis in liberal democrat gun discussions.

For full disclosure, I am a retired federally licensed gunsmith who worked for a police department, had my own gun range for 21 years, and have studied firearms and their use for decades.

Submitted by Charles Johns, Abilene, TX. Charles is a Navy Veteran that served on 3 carriers, spent 20 years as a TV tech, 50 years building cars, and 10+ years as a shop superintendent and Police Depart­ment armorer. He graduated from Elkins Institute in Dallas (the same school Rush Limbaugh attended). He holds a Federal Firearms License as a gunsmith, with his own 100-yard gun-range for 21 years. Charles can be reached at or 325-704-4872.

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