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My Rant to Start 2021

By Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun

Greetings, Ladies, and Gentlemen. You’ve made it! Welcome to 2021! The year we all hope will be normal. The year that we can sit down and take a breather from the waged battles in 2020. I was looking forward to it. I was looking forward to a year of further growth and becoming a better human being by taking the lessons learned from the previous year and instilling hard results into this one. But instead, I’m going to be ranting.

Here’s an insider scoop: I’m writing this article to you from the past for the sake of the editorial process. Today is December 17th, 2020. I’m writing this in my home and with what was an outlook of positivity and optimism. And I’m going to be vulnerable with you, my readers, for just a second. I struggle with pessimism. I struggle with cynicism. I struggle with them on small and large scales, and it affects me in a way that I sometimes just want to barricade the windows, shut and bar the door, and wait for the storm to pass. Not out of fear, but something else.

I tell you this because while I’m writing this for a future audience, I have to look at present things. Today I became aware that the ATF is cracking down on and the DOJ is filling letters against pistol braces. This is also coming in the same week that the ATF raided a company that legally makes 80% firearms/lowers. Just over the course of a night or two, millions of legal gun owners are potentially going to become criminals. With the swipe of a pen from some self-righteous bureaucrat in a high and mighty, unelected office has the audacity to sit back and not go after criminals, but to make good people enemies of the law. But don’t worry because those who have these accessories on their firearms may have the opportunity to please the king and register them with a zero-cost tax stamp! Of course, that all depends on the caliber of the firearm, specifics that have not been disclosed to the public. So, register to play and win your chance at joining the ATF’s further attempt at a nationwide gun registry.

I’m someone who truly tries to be reasonable. I try to look at the facts and then examine how those facts affect culture, perceived realities, and the situation’s actual realities. I try to stay grounded in my beliefs but open-minded to hear from and possibly grow from other viewpoints.

With that said, I hope it’s becoming more apparent now the issues at hand here. This isn’t just about rights. This also isn’t something that the people can just bend over and take anymore. This is real, and this is happening. And this isn’t going to end soon.

I’m not sure if I’m able to publicly call for the disbandment of an unjustified, unelected, and unethical federal office on this platform, but in a better world, I wouldn’t have to.

Godspeed, Rev.

P.S. I hope I’m wrong. I hope none of this comes to fruition. I hope none of these dominos are lined up together. Because once one falls, they all will. I’m anxiously waiting to see what January 2021 will bring.

Submitted by Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun, Lubbock, TX,; and by Lubbock Shooting Complex/Hub City Clays, Lubbock, TX,


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