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The Normalization of Life

The Normalization of Life
By Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun

Ladies and Gentlemen, here we are. December 2020. We have finally arrived at the end of a year that will not soon escape the memory of the generations that have experienced it, nor the generations to come after. Before the year reaches its conclusion, let’s review some of the things we have learned and some of the ways we have grown regarding the conversations that we have had.

Over the past few months, we have talked about the normalization of the 2nd Amendment. We have looked at gear, weapons systems and even lightly touched the surface of a new and fuller interpretation of the Second Amendment. If you were careful, you might have noticed that I skipped a very crucial aspect of the preparedness mentality, which is tactics and mindset; but a bit more on that later. Even before this most recent topic, we talked about life and potentially more impactful, contributing, and meaningful ways to live it. We spoke of intentionality, growth, and how we can move forward in our lives to be people of more profound conviction. For this final article for the year 2020, I want to combine both efforts to attempt to stir a new conviction in the hearts of the readers. As people of this country, citizens of the red, white, and blue, keepers of the Second Amendment, and lovers of freedom and justice, we ought to live lives that not only mirror these convictions but also lives that bridge these devotions to a lifestyle of preparedness and readiness to defend and stand up for what is right.

Each article that I have presented to you over the past several months has been intended to broaden your gaze on the rights bestowed and the responsibilities endowed to you as American citizens. I hope that realization has come to its fruition. I pray that you have taken action to be intensely intentional about how you live your lives as free men and women. I hope that your priorities have been straightened and strengthen to be people ready and equipped for whatever lies around each corner. Whether it be happiness or sorrow, I hope that you are more capable of responding to life more independently, more fiercely, more courageously, and more freely. Be people that are lovers and fighters; to feel passionate and to act according to that passion. Be people that are prepared for the worst and the best and with the skill to welcome whatever adversities and joys await you with every coming hour.

I pray that 2021 is a new year for you. I hope you welcome whatever comes your way with a strong declaration of courage and willingness to grow. As this year and this article comes to an end, may I leave you with the words from President John F. Kennedy, “Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.”

Merry Christmas from the Sharp Shooter’s family, to yours. Godspeed!

Submitted by Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun, Lubbock, TX,; and by Lubbock Shooting Complex/Hub City Clays, Lubbock, TX,

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