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The Normalization of the Second Amendment: Part II

By Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun

Hello again. I hope that since our last encounter you have been well and thriving. I hope that since our last conversation you have been reflecting upon my words and on what sorts of actions and lifestyle changes that you might need to change. To jog your memory, we begin our lengthy conversation on the Second Amendment and the responsibilities that it grants to those who claim it as a right. I briefly mentioned its historical interpretation, a list of equipment and skills that fall under that term “arms,” and made a point to acknowledge our faults of not fully taking the amendment to heart. I also said that within the coming weeks and months we will discuss these topics and what they mean for our lives. Today we begin to dive a bit deeper.

However, before we do, I want to make it known that I am just a regular citizen. I have no prior military or LEO experience. I’m just a regular guy who enjoys firearms, worked at a gun store, and wants to make sure that we don’t continue down the path of complacency that I see us treading. So today, let’s begin our conversation about guns.

As many of you know, there are about a million different types of guns for a million different situations. EDC guns, truck guns, hunting rifles, service weapons, and home defense guns are just a few of the categories we find that require different types of firearms. In our own ways, we all discovered each of these areas in our life that we would prefer to have a firearm.

For me, while I had a friend or two that carried guns, I actually didn’t become familiar with the reality of carrying a gun until I found myself influenced by a handful of companies/movements within the “gun community.” I didn’t find influence by gun manufactures themselves but rather by citizens who take their rights and responsibilities very seriously. If you are curious about these companies, and because I assume my audience to be one of curiosity and learning, the companies that I would point you to would be Trex Arms, Fieldcraft Survival, and Warrior Poet Society to name a few. If you are curious about a more professional approach to the things I talk about, I’d encourage you to look to them.

Let’s get to it then. Let’s talk about what guns that, in my opinion, you should own/carry. Let me also call you back to my disclaimer at the beginning of the article. I am no professional, but I do listen closely to them. For the purpose of self-defense and the pursuit of the preservation of life (no, we are not talking about hunting because that is not what the Second Amendment is about) every American citizen ought to carry/own a quality handgun and a quality rifle for the purpose of meeting violence with force.

I won’t go into which manufacture, barrel length, or aftermarket gear to throw on to your firearms of choice. There are plenty of YouTube videos that talk about that topic in length. I also won’t go into the training required to effectively and efficiently handle these firearms.

What owning and carrying these firearms helps to ensure is that the handler of these tools has some of the highest likelihood to defend themselves, defend their friends and family, and defend their community.

The interesting point of resistance that I have seen from most people who claim to follow the 2A are the arguments of “I’ll never need a rifle that carries 30 rounds” or “I’ll never need a pistol with such a large magazine.” Statistically, they’re actually correct. However, when we again take a look at the responsibility given to us by the Second Amendment, we actually find that what the Founding Fathers were talking about wasn’t “I’ll never need that” but instead was “We ought to all have these things and the access of these arms never be encroached upon by the government.”

An individual no longer exists as a “soft target” when they carry a gun. A population no longer exists as a “soft target” when they are all properly armed. An individual also becomes capable of carrying out such noble deeds as defense and preservation of life when they are best properly-suited to do so. Owning our firearms helps to ensure that. Carrying our firearms helps to ensure that.

As we close, I want to draw attention to the moral responsibilities we take on ourselves when we carry guns. Once we carry a weapon, we are now those who agree to be the protectors in our communities. We are the ones that swear to defend the churches we are members of, the schools attend, the coffee shops we enjoy, etc. We are also the ones that are there to help defend our communities when chaos knocks on the door.

Looking at our currently sociopolitical climate, this isn’t some hypothetical situation anymore. So, as we continue on with our lives, let us examine and be aware of how we can step in more fully as defenders, protectors, and peacemakers.



Submitted by Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun, Lubbock, TX,; and by Lubbock Shooting Complex/Hub City Clays, Lubbock, TX,


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