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The Normalization of the Second Amendment: Part III

By Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun

Hello everybody. I hope that in this past month since we conversed last that you are well. I also hope you have been thinking about last month’s topic and the points I brought to your attention. If you remember, we are in a discussion about the normalization of the Second Amendment as well as discussing the roles and responsibilities that it bestows upon American citizens. We talked last month more specifically about the ability to be ready and to respond, the ability to be aware, and engage danger when it presents itself. We talked about the importance of gear and skills necessary to become and stay efficient and effective protectors and defenders of people and the ideologies that we hold true. I also challenged the commonly heard notion that being pro-gun isn’t being pro-Second Amendment and that the amendment is not included in the Bill of Rights to give you the right to own as many guns as you want, but it gives us the responsibility to protect our communities, our freedoms, and our Constitution from enemies that encroach upon it. So, this month, let us look at some equipment that can be used to our advantage as we uphold the previous values. The specific equipment that I want to discuss are chest rigs and plate carriers.

Chest rigs and plate carriers are pretty self-explanatory. In case you don’t know what a chest rig is, it’s a piece of equipment that allows you to hold more supplies on your person. The only difference is one has the ability to carrier ballistic plates. I bring these two pieces of equipment into the conversation for a couple of reasons. First, I encourage you to buy one or the other. And before any of you says, “no one really needs one of those things,” remember, be pro-Second Amendment, not just pro-gun. Reach the level in your philosophy of life that convicts you to want to be a more effective protector. When you do that, these pieces of equipment become very valuable tools in the arsenal of defense. The second reason is, at the end of the day, they’re harmless. Think about it. These are inanimate objects that in no way carry a threat to life. And in my experiences, they actually allow you a broader ability to help save lives. My point in this statement is that if this is the case, that they are little more than “tactical clothing” that allows you to carry stuff. Why have chest rigs, specifically plate carriers, been a topic of controversy in the political sphere? Why would it be remotely perceivable that we want to ban any of these items in the name of public health? And while we are talking about it, who is the one wanting to ban them? Which politician has made calls to ban these items? I leave this question to you, the reader, because I want you to think about it. After all, isn’t that one of the only things the presidential candidate seems to be able to say, “think about it?”

If you have never heard of a plate carrier of a chest rig, I encourage you to do your research. Figure out what best works for you in your context and for your desired goal and get what you need to accomplish it. Continue to preservers in your pursuit of being a better protector, a lover of peace of people, and an individual who is willing to do what is right.


Submitted by Rev at Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun, Lubbock, TX,; and by Lubbock Shooting Complex/Hub City Clays, Lubbock, TX,

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