About The Caprock Patriot

For too long, the voices of Conservatives and Christians have been drowned out by the mainstream media and liberals attacking any line of thinking that is counter to their liberal agenda.

Conservative Christians can no longer afford to be the “silent majority.” Our forced silence is allowing fringe liberals to literally tear apart the fabric of our values, our families, our communities and the nation.

In January, the first print edition (and companion website) of the Caprock Patriot will launch. This new West Texas monthly newspaper will give Conservative Christians a platform to have their voices heard. This is not ‘news’ in the traditional sense. There are plenty of news outlets to choose from.

This is YOUR newspaper with YOUR voice. You are the reporter and the editor. Instead of “news”, the Caprock Patriot will consist of original commentary and opinions submitted by local, regional and national Patriots – just like you! To submit your commentary and material and have your voice heard, visit our Content Submission Page.

We should be PROUD to be Conservatives and Christians who love their Lord and this great nation! If you’re a Conservative Christian, you now have a voice in the Caprock Patriot. We encourage you to use that voice, through the Caprock Patriot, to speak out in favor of these things that are RIGHT…..the things that this country was built on and what made this country great in the first place!!!

In addition original (reader generated) content that you can’t find anywhere else, the print and online editions of the Caprock Patriot will feature:

  • Commentary on our inalienable rights such as the 1st and 2nd Amendments
  • A monthly salute to our local military, Veterans and the local organizations that support them
  • A section devoted to giving our local Church leaders a platform to share the Word and testimonies
  • Local Conservative and Christian events and announcements
  • Advertisements and offers from loyal local businesses

You can find the Caprock Patriot in stores across Lubbock County. If you have a store that you’d like to carry your publication, please Contact Us. To subscribe and have the Caprock Patriot delivered to your mailbox each month, visit our Subscribe page.