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A Little Good News Today:

“A Lawyer’s Future Hangs in the Balance”
By Peter Adams

AROUND 1990, I CHOSE a certain lawyer to represent me in a work-related incident. I drove all the way from Conroe to Katy, Texas, to use this man. All I can say is that I felt strongly that this was the man the Lord wanted me to use. Later, I understood why.

When I first walked into the Lawyer’s office, I noticed that he had hung little sayings all over his walls saying, “God owns this business, and Jesus is Lord,” as well as other similar expressions. This opened up the door for our conversations to ask each other about our relationships with God.

Each time we met to discuss my case, the Lawyer began to ask me more and more questions about my life. I told him how sometimes God would show me things about a person or tell me things to say to them that no one else knew about. When God would reveal things of the past, things hidden in their lives, it would get their undivided attention when He would say something to them about today or their future. All so that they would know without a shadow of a doubt that God was real and that He cared for them.

IN OUR LAST MEETING, I was about to leave the office and when I reached for the doorknob… all of a sudden the Lord showed me something about this man. I must have stood there holding the doorknob for about 10 seconds, and it caught the Lawyer’s attention. He said, “Hey! What’s the matter? Did God tell you something about me?”

I said, “Yes, He did. Do you want to know what He said?” The Lawyer said yes, of course. So, I told him to sit down and asked if I could lock his door so we wouldn’t be disturbed, and he said sure.

I said, “You have all these printings taped to your walls saying that God is the owner of this business, Jesus is your Lord, and so on. God told me to ask you if He really is the owner of your business, and if He is truly Lord of your life. He said to tell you that your future is hanging in the balance depending on how you answer these questions.”

THE LAWYER SAT THERE in silence for about 30 seconds, contemplating if this was real, if God had really spoken to me about him, and if God really even knew what was going on in his life. Then he kind of came back to reality, smiled, and said, “Sure, God is over everything I have, and He’s Lord of my life.”

I looked at him intently and slowly said, “Okay,” and I turned to leave.

The Lawyer said, “Oh, by the way, you’ll probably see me on the News tonight, but it’s okay. Everything will be alright, and I’ll be back in the office Monday morning, and business will be as usual.”

I grinned and nodded and left for home. That evening, my wife and I watched the 10 o’clock news and saw my Lawyer and two other attorneys indicted for insurance fraud. They had accomplices wreck cars by running them into trees and then claiming they had neck and back injuries. They had swindled the insurance companies out of thousands of dollars. Then the verdict was read on the Lawyer I was using. The Judge said he was going to make an example of him and sentenced him to 31 years in prison for his part in the Insurance fraud schemes.

I remember the Lawyer sitting in the chair when the Lord said his life was hanging in the balance, all depending on how he answered the questions. I truly believe that God was giving this Lawyer a moment of grace (unmerited favor). If he would have said no that God was not the owner of his business nor Lord of his life, confessed his crimes right then and there, repented, asking God to forgive him… when he came before the Judge, he may have had mercy on him and given him probation. But the Lawyer was a fraud in his relationship with God and a fraud in his business dealings. He was too proud to humble himself and repent, costing him 31 years in prison.

NOW I’LL BE THE FIRST one to admit that this true story is not “A Little Good News Today.” But it could be if we learn from it and teach our children to always be honest and stay within the law. If we say what we mean and live up to our words and our commitments, if we stay humble before our God and never let pride take over, if we don’t let the greed of money rule in the way we conduct our business dealings… then this can truly be, “A Little Good News Today.”  

Peter Adams worked for Brown & Root offshore oil & gas pipelines and Drafting at Chemical Plants, Representation in Arbitration Cases for the Fed. Gov., Church Elder many years, now a retired Rancher.

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