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A Time for Patience & Persistence

By Donald R. May

Now is a time for patience, persistence, and not violence.  Lashing out with anger and violence toward those we believe have wronged us and unfairly attacked President Donald Trump will not benefit our Liberty, President Trump, or the future of our nation.

The Biden Administration and many on the Left are obsessed with their newly acquired power, which they promise to use against their opponents.  AOC and other Democrats are suggesting that Trump supporters are “White Supremacists” and need to be “deprogrammed” [“brainwashed”], put in reeducation camps, and even executed.  President Trump and his supports are being banned by Social Media, preventing them from communicating and defending themselves.  This is further dividing our country and making any level of unity impossible.

President Trump’s supporters have never been violent at any of the 40 major rallies for President Trump, but 30,000 military personnel were placed in Washington along with massive military presences in each of our state capitols as a show of force against Trump supporters.  In addition, Democrats are calling for a massive future secret police force to confront the perceived enemies of the Democrats.

We must not give the Biden Administration any excuses to further limit our freedom to speak and communicate.  We must not give them any excuses to confiscate our arms and otherwise restrict our abilities to defend ourselves.  We need Conservative leaders like Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. to rise up to lead, defend, reassure, and calm the raging waters.

We need national leaders like Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and others to defend the American people and our Constitution, speak out and assume strong national leadership roles.  We need to follow their leadership and directions as we proceed into a very dangerous and disturbing time.  We need to support these strong leaders as they stand to protect the American people from the tyranny the Biden Administration and the Liberal News Media are promising.

We must encourage and support our elected Conservative leaders in the United States Congress and our state legislatures.  Our state governors, lieutenant governors, and our state and federal courts must vigorously defend us against the Marxist tyranny the Biden Administration is planning to impose on our nation.  They are our first line of defense against the Biden Administration, illegal aliens, other criminals, racial and religious discrimination attacks, and gun confiscation.

Our Founding Fathers wisely protected our nation and the American people with Article V of our Constitution as a defense against the need for armed conflict.  If tyrants take over our federal government, our states can quickly call together a Convention of the States to take back and restore our federal government.  The Convention members can write Amendments to our United States Constitution to ensure our Liberty and the stability of a just federal government intended to protect us.

We must all start working and donating now to ensure that both the United States House and Senate, and increasing numbers of state and local governments, are solidly in Conservative Republican hands following the 2022 General Election.  Democrats need to join with us, as they too will be experiencing the disastrous consequences of the Biden Administration and will start to experience buyer’s remorse within a few months.  Taxes, energy, food, and all necessities will skyrocket in price while massive numbers of jobs disappear.

Our final line of defense is the fact the American people are armed.  Our Second Amendment protects our God-given ability to defend our families, others, and ourselves.  If a time were ever to come that our federal government must be defended or restored by armed force, all efforts must be directed by state and national leaders, whose directions we need to follow.

We Conservatives are justifiably angry by how the Democrats have unfairly and maliciously treated President Trump and us.  “Unity” according to Democrats, means complying with what Democrats declare we must think and do.

Democrat state officials unconstitutionally rewrote the election rules and laws of many states, designing the modified election rules and laws to greatly favor Democrat candidates.  State legislatures and courts, including the United States Supreme Court, refused to evaluate and remedy numerous apparent instances of voter fraud in multiple states.

Democrats have brainwashed students and our fellow Americans for decades, convincing them our Founding Fathers were evil and that personal responsibility (Capitalism) is unfair to lazy people.

Democrats defunded the police in Democrat cities and allowed the Marxist mobs to loot, kill, and burn, refusing to stop the highly dangerous Marxist mobs.  The mobs visited the homes of governors, mayors, justices, judges, police, and others to intimidate them into complying with the will of their Democrat masters.  They prevented President Trump from receiving support from state legislatures and all courts.

Democrats massively militarized the police in Washington and all 50 state capitals in an attempt to create a fictitious fear that Conservatives pose great danger. Democrat masters show us they will not hesitate to use military force to intimidate and control the American people.

We must ask God for strength to endure the days and years to come.  We shall overcome the Evil at the ballot box by serving in government and not yielding to demands that we change how we believe and think.

We must preserve Liberty and our Constitution.

Submitted by Donald R May, Lubbock, TX, retina surgeon, farmer, medical economist, decorated Air Force Veteran, and former medical school professor, department chair, and dean.


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