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By Michael Bonsall

Having served in the United States Air Force and then in numerous law enforcement jobs over the years, I was required to take an “Oath of“Office”. How many times have we watched politicians place their hand on the Bible and swear their Oaths of Office? It plays out before our eyes each election cycle as new Congress members and even the President are sworn in to their respective offices. We see the somber tone, and the oath is administered by some respected figure such as a Supreme Court Justice or authority figure.

This is usually regarded as a highly somber occasion, or for those who believe in American idealism, it should. But one has to wonder if it is not merely a charade intended to present the appearance of seriousness when the one being sworn in actually has their fingers crossed behind their back? After all, one of our two political parties seems far more intent on appeasing anyone and everyone other than the American people, or at least, the 75-80 million Trump supporters.

Now that the Left has complete and total control of the US Government, what we are witnessing and experiencing is astonishing, to say the least. In the vernacular of today, President Donald J. Trump has been “Deplatformed,” which simply means silenced, muzzled, and divorced of all of his First Amendment rights by the vindictive obsessed Left. Twitter was the first to muzzle President Trump, but their actions were quickly followed by such Titans of Technology as Facebook and Instagram. These actions are incredible and, quite frankly, unbelievable. But this is highly illustrative of the current mindset of the Left, who are petty, vindictive, and authoritarian.

Anyone who might dare to challenge the approved “Groupthink” as determined by the “Wizards of Smart” on the Left will be bludgeoned into submission by the fascist followers of the Left in the media, political arena, and society at large who prescribe to the radical, left ideology of fanaticism.

The Left seems to be intent on obliterating American sovereignty, at least concerning illegal immigration. Even before Biden is sworn into office, a 9,000 strong caravan of people are headed towards the United States because they assume that a Biden regime will welcome them with open arms. Never mind, all of the sick, including those with COVID19, just show up and waltz right in unabated by borders, laws, or sovereignty of America. After all, there is a new Sheriff in town, and appeasement is his game.

The reason Democrats and the Left are so focused on illegals is that they believe that they can literally import an underclass of people who will immediately become dependent on taxpayer funded social welfare programs. Once given citizenship, those same illegals will vote Democrat out of fear of losing those precious welfare programs.

Consider the horrible and dangerous “Sanctuary cities and states” such as California, where illegals are given a “Get Out of Jail Free” card and are allowed to remain free even if such crimes as murder are committed. Is the same true of US Citizens who commit crimes? Of course not. Well then, can’t we just march into Mexico and expect the same treatment from the Mexican government? Of course not! And trust me, you don’t want to even attempt it.

Consider the legislation that is always stuffed beyond the bursting point with money for such non-essential programs as the study of transgenders in Pakistan. Billions of dollars can be sent to every country on earth, but we can’t fix our crumbling bridges and roads, feed hungry American children, or provide our US Veterans with a warm bed and food to eat.

Are you kidding me?

No, the Democrats and all on the Left are consumed with anything and everything that diminishes America, the military, and western society as established by our Founders. For the Left, loving America, the free market, and personal freedom, rights, liberties must all give way to their much more fair and enlightened vision of life, which always involves some form of socialism/Marxism/communism and ends in tyrannical imposed compliance resulting in massive starvation and poverty. Just ask the millions upon millions of those who actually survived Nazi Germany, communist dictatorships in China, or Russia, how wonderful life is or was for them in those failed systems.

Quite inexplicably, the Democrats and Left are giddy at the idea of returning to all of the failed Obama policies and agreements that were so detrimental to the good of America. The Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran Nuclear agreement, canceling the XL Pipeline are all to be re-engaged under Biden. No regard to American energy independence or posterity matters to the Left as symbolism always trumps substance in every situation, period. As long as they feel good about themselves, consequences be danged, full speed ahead.

So which country is it exactly that the Left is so in love with? It certainly doesn’t seem to be America, as everything they say or do has adverse results for the American people. Sure, they isolate themselves in the DC bubble. They sit in ivory towers and insulate from the people who elect them as they go about the business of amassing their personal wealth and attaining the highest levels of power possible. To them, the American people are little more than ants to be trampled on if not simply ignored completely.

The Left is in no way concerned about the wants or needs of the American people if we are judging them by their actions and not their words. This does not bode well for our future.

Wake up, America!

Submitted by Michael Bonsall. Mike is an Air Force Veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer with BS in Theology who loves Jesus, America, and Patriotism. You can read more of Mike’s thoughts at

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