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Amazing Times

By Soaring Eagle

As of this writing, the days are few to the inauguration of a fraudulent. President Trump has exposed every level of government that is corrupted, and now it is time for real justice to be unleashed on the elite cabal that has bought off every level of government and media. If you ever thought the day would not come, it is here.

The false flag operation at the Capitol was the final nail that revealed who the black hats were in Congress. There is no mercy in Trump since he gave everyone a chance to do the right thing. GITMO has been expanded by a thousand percent in preparation for this day. The sealed indictments from the Durham investigation are being executed. Governments are collapsing, suicides are off the charts, and people are running for cover. Disinformation in the media is rampant as they play their desperate last hand. The blackout of Trump’s information is a clear sign that the Davos crowd is in a panic because the truth will be deadly for them. If you ever think that you have to silence the opposition to get your way, it is because your message is not a winning message. If you think you won an election, why would you not welcome an audit?

The 80 million Trump votes and voters are not going to accept a fraudulent president. The 25K soldiers, barriers, and closed roads in DC are a clear sign that this is what it takes to install a fraud. The Democrats are scared spitless of the American people that they stole the election from. Yes, they stole it just like we predicted. There was no way the Democrats could win a fair election. It took them five days to round up enough illegal votes to overcome the Trump tsunami. They were stunned by the massive defeat and exposed their contempt for America in an obvious and brazen crime to steal the election. The MSM, judiciary, legislatures, and Governors were exposed as treasonous in willful contempt of the United States Constitution and their own State Constitutions.

Trump exposed it all. Now the declassification of the pedophilia blackmail is being released along with the treasonous actions that have been hidden from us by the Deep State actors. The FBI is dead, the CIA is laid bare, Barrack, Hillary, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, etc., are all done. Governments are falling, and suicides are happening due to the revelations of pedophilia and sins beyond description. Epstein is alive, and that information has set hair on fire throughout Capitol Hill and well beyond.

The Epstein blackmail operation was international. It is the key that unlocks the Davos billionaire’s global agenda to commit the greatest genocide in history. The vaccine program is an immediate threat to humanity. Don’t take it!!

If you are accused of backing a conspiracy theory, you are bucking the agenda and not allowed to have a divergent view. You are labeled a conspiracy theorist just like you are labeled a racist if you have a divergent view. Stand up! Express yourself!! The Davos crowd is trying to silence you into submission because the truth is not on their side, and they cannot win if you know what they are really doing… and what they are doing is going to kill you.

The Davos crowd is following precisely the 1930s Nazi plan, but they are using every tool they can to hide that from you. The Jews and other minorities were the targets of genocide under Hitler to finance his dream of world domination. The human dimension does not change, and there will always be sociopaths, but the sophistication of the criminals in this technological, digital world gives them immense power over the uneducated masses or the willfully ignorant, also known as “The Sheep.”

The brainwashed masses do not know they are brainwashed. Still, you can recognize them by their inability to reason or accept reality even when confronted with visual, facts, audio, or other evidence that contradict their wall of comfort. They cannot answer serious questions about facts and resort to screaming or retreating into a curled-up snowflake sniveling wreck. The immediate response most times is you are racist or homophobic… whatever they can use to escape reality.

I said in previous articles, the Democrats cannot win without cheating. This is true.

I have been asked by educated people that have suddenly awakened to the crisis at hand, asking what is happening? This is like waking up on Omaha Beach on June 6th, 1944, (D-Day) and asking how we got here. If you are this unaware, stay home, sit back, stay out of the way, and fear not. There are 80 million patriots ready to protect America.

Soaring Eagle is the nom de plume of a retired Army Colonel with National Security and Diplomatic experience.

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