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ATTENTION: Texas Legislature

By DeAnna Willman

This month (January), the Texas State Legislature will begin meeting for legislation. We need to act immediately and contact each one of our State representatives and senators. It is imperative that they put into legislation protections for the people of this state so that we never again are subjected to one elected official’s whims.

First, we need them to clearly define an “emergency” that allows the governor to declare an emergency over any area of our state. None of our elected officials should be allowed to declare an emergency due to fortune-telling. Weather forecasters, medical “experts”, economic “experts”, and many others have knowledge in their field that most people do not. However, they are not God and cannot foretell the future. Nor should an emergency be declared due to computer models that “predict” certain situations. Something that might happen should never be a reason to declare an emergency for any town, county, or state. An emergency must be something that has already impacted the people of this state.

Next, we do not need to declare an emergency for something that has impacted 1 % of the state population, especially when 99% of those impacted eventually recover without damage to their home, business, or lives. It must be legislated that a disaster must have impacted 15% or more of the people and property of any town, county, and/or state.

Third, it must be legislated that the declaration of an emergency by the governor can only last 14 days. If it is necessary to extend that state of emergency, the governor must call in the legislature to vote on an extension and take to help the people impacted. They can only extend the state of emergency for another 14 days. If the emergency has not been sufficiently responded to and eliminated by the end of the additional 14 days declared by the legislature, the legislature must send it to the people to vote upon, including how to respond to the emergency and how long to extend the state of emergency up to but not beyond 14 more days.

Those actions by the governor and legislature during an emergency must never interfere with the Constitutional rights of the people, specifically to gather peacefully, to worship, to bear arms, freedom of speech, the right to make a living for oneself and his/her family, and the right to make one’s own decisions regarding one’s health, family, protection, and business. The government must never have the right (or audacity) to declare any legal business or persons “non-essential”.

Next, the actions decided upon by the governor and legislature must be limited to help, such as sending funds or resources to areas in need to help those who have been impacted by the emergency. It must never dictate how their fellow Texans can or cannot live their lives under the rights guaranteed in the Federal and State Constitutions.

The legislature should help connect those in need with those who can help them and help with transporting those groups and persons who will provide resources to the areas in need. The legislature is also encouraged to roll up their sleeves and pitch in with their time and energy, and finances to help their fellow Texans.

No organization, hospital, clinic, or persons is to profit from the state or federal funds established to help those impacted by the emergency. And all groups receiving funds to help them deal with the emergency MUST be able to show that every penny went to those who needed the help. Any monies determined to have profited any person or group or failed to reach those in need will be immediately returned to the legislature by the one who failed to appropriate the funds as expected and required.

Finally, there should be legislated swift and permanent action against any governor or other elected official who chooses to act alone, outside the legislation established for such situations, or infringes upon his/her fellow Texans’ rights for any reason, especially for political agendas and propaganda. This action should include immediate removal from office, a penalty of $250,000 paid to the people of Texas and put into an emergency fund, time in jail from one to two years, and permanently prohibited from holding any office in Texas for life.

My fellow Texans, brothers, and sisters in the Body of Messiah, we must take our responsibility of self-governing seriously and be diligent about who we allow to represent and govern us. We must be actively aware and involved in all aspects of our government of this amazing state. We must also hold those we elect accountable for doing what is just and righteous for all the people of this state, rather than allow them to dictate our lives in ways we do not consent to or would even choose for ourselves and our loved ones. I beseech each one of you to act today and contact your elected officials, not only in the state legislature but in your counties and cities as well. Tell them how you expect them to handle future “emergencies” in our great state and in our cities. Let us not allow our fellow citizens and our children to ever again be subjected to such oppression and abuse as what we were forced to endure last year over a simple flu virus. May God grant us favor, and may He direct our elected officials to operate in righteousness and justice this year and every year to come till our Messiah returns.

Submitted by DeAnna Willman, Levelland, TX, Seven Lamps Ministries


GROTTS9166 January 9, 2021 at 1:47 PM

Thank you!!1

Starla Akers January 11, 2021 at 3:02 PM

We need this in New Mexico too!


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