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Blackmail and Intimidation for Control

Blackmail and Intimidation for Control
By Soaring Eagle

As you scratch your head wondering why there is not much follow up on the Epstein pedophilia “racket” remember that blackmail and intimidation were the real business.  The flight logs and details that are known identify dozens of important people in and out of our government that rubbed elbows with Jeffery Epstein.  Who knows who is caught on camera partaking of the “fruits” of Orgy Island?  This causes a lot of people to sweat not knowing if or when that shoe will drop.  Epstein’s death in prison was perhaps the most predictable in our lifetime.  It was so predictable that it seems impossible to have been allowed to happen.

Before the Epstein episode “Pizza Gate” was the hot pedophilia topic.  People from D.C. to Hollywood were sweating bullets over that one.  Where did that story go?  Well, it went away due to big money, the Deep State, and terrified politicians not wanting to pursue a story that could destroy their careers and their legacy.  But, never fear, the media has authoritatively stated the story is a debunked conspiracy theory.  Nothing to see here, move along.  Sound familiar?  Who conducted the investigation to debunk this theory? If you go online to look up Pizzagate every report starts with, “this is a thoroughly debunked conspiracy” or words to that effect.  There is no link to the debunking investigation or evidence the allegations were debunked.  People such as Mel Gibson and Robbie Williams who boldly stated that the conspiracy had never been debunked got pilloried (not to be confused with Hillaried) as a conspiracy theorist.  This is the tactic of the guilty, mock them, label them, laugh at them, and do the same to anyone that dares continue searching for the truth.

It seems reasonable that both of these cases should be thoroughly investigated, and an official report made public.  The ugly truth about human trafficking must be told and pedophilia is part of that story.  We are talking about the safety of our children.

Now, let’s get back to the blackmail and intimidation.  Who could possibly benefit from having this kind of dirt on American “big shots” or international royals and the ability to bury the story?  The list is long, potential dictators, tyrants, gangsters, presidential candidates, spy agencies, drug lords, and billionaire megalomaniacs to name a few.  Only a few familiar names keep resurfacing, but nothing seems to be happening.  The reason for this is obvious, the business of blackmail and intimidation is working.  Justice is not only blind; it is bought and or blackmailed.

The depth and breadth of the corruption and evil awash in our country is a sprawling malignancy. It is a daunting task to clean it up.  The lack of trust in our institutions that were weaponized and compromised by the previous administration are slowly being purged of the “tumors” installed there.  This process takes time and a deliberate concerted effort to smoke out the embedded rats.  These rats are fighting for their lives and are capable of evil beyond most of our worst nightmares.

Our Department of Justice has a solid Attorney General in William Barr.  He is a straight shooter, fearless and unflappable.  I have to believe that a lot is going on behind the scenes because he takes his job seriously and has no apparent bias. He enforces the law and acts in accordance with the oath of office he took. The man, by all accounts, is an honorable man and deserves our trust and confidence.  He will act when he has the investigative reports now being written.  He cannot afford to “go after” the top tiers of the previous administration without ironclad evidence.  When he “pulls the trigger” you can bet it will be a sure thing.  I suspect that should President Trump serve a second term the evidence will be made public and the “Swamp” will be drained to the point you can actually see the bottom, perhaps dimly, but much better.

Soaring Eagle is the nom de plume for a retired US Army Colonel with national security credentials and international advisory experience.

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