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The Deadliest Disease and the John Dewey Debacle!  
By Johnny Rowland

A few days ago, I happened to be looking at a piece of furniture at a local store and unavoidably heard someone ranting about President Trump and Republicans in general. The remarkably loud fellow was lecturing another customer about the evils he was anxious to credit to those of us with a Conservative bent. According to this fine specimen of questionable intellect, over 80 percent of Republicans are white supremacist men, who all beat their wives and tend to have secret criminal behavior in other areas as well! And he projected that Donald Trump was a rival to the devil himself; of course, he couldn’t think of anything specific to charge Trump with, but he just “knew” that the President was up to no good!

Now here was a male senior citizen, who, in passing, looked reasonably normal, but was obviously afflicted with the dreaded “Liberal Intelligence Deficiency Disease” or “LIDD” for our purposes of discussion. Indeed, this is by far the deadliest and most dangerous sickness on the prowl in our American society today, vastly overshadowing cancer, heart disease, and far more potent at destroying lives than the vaunted and much overhyped “Covid-19” could ever possibly be. And among the things that make this mental curse so pervasive is that many of its victims may appear benign, with numerous unfortunate carriers embedded within our educational and political systems. Behind their healthy facades, many of them are frothing with enthusiasm to spread their poisonous infections. It is fair to say that some of the strongest chains of slavery are those locking up the mind, and they are also some of the most difficult to break; this circumstance is especially prevalent among “LIDD” casualties.

We do have an effective remedy for this tragic syndrome, but one of the saddest symptoms of those struck by the nasty “LIDD” condition is the victim’s outright and vicious resistance to receiving treatment. When confronted with logic and truth, these poor folks who are so constrained by the tentacles of their unfounded hatred and misinformation often go into emotional convulsions and begin thrashing about and attacking the very individuals attempting to help them. A hard lesson for those of us who would try and administer aid is that many of these wretched sufferers are beyond help of any kind and have to be, at the very least contained, and most desirably overpowered in their destructive electoral conduct.

The best way to avoid the horrible consequences of “LIDD” is to provide proper educational nourishment to young minds, as well as to those still capable of receiving infusions of logic. John Dewey was an early “super-spreader” of this dangerous affliction and made every devious effort to undermine traditional values of Western Civilization and replace them with “progressive” confusion. He understood very well that the only way he and his “progressive” cohorts could institute their communistic hypothesis would be to discredit the concepts of individual identity or worth, and certainly that of personal accountability. Dewey and others in this dastardly cabal knew that confusion was the real key to human manipulation. Those of us with rural backgrounds well know that when the herd is confused, it’s easier to pen them up— the same applies to people!

If we want to see what has caused the modern educational apocalypse, look no further than John Dewey. Dewey was the chief architect of our current “progressive” education mess. Dewey was a big fan of Karl Marx and just also happened to be a rabid atheist. Is it any wonder that the modern public school system promotes and elevates socialist ideals as well as daily attempts to prejudice students against any sort of spiritual influence? Dewey rebelled against the concept of Natural Order or Universal Truth and decided that society would be better off by just making up its own rules as it goes along its merry way. This disastrous formula has resulted in a politically correct French Revolution-style “Progressive Reign of Terror!” (Ongoing!)

Let’s take a moment to examine just where we are. Since Dewey helped found the ACLU, do we have more freedom of speech, or less; or more freedom of religion, or less, or more freedom of association, or less— can we spell “forced busing” or “social distancing mandates?” Since Dewey and other socialists helped found the NAACP, has there been better integration and assimilation of Blacks into American society, or has the result been simply to foster more division and hatred among the races? Has Dewey’s ambition of gradually forcing “progressivism” on American education enhanced students ability to think and reason, or has it instead resulted in a means to restrict and stupefy creative thought by filling young minds with “woke” rubbish, thereby spawning a more effective system for population control by the internationalists/globalists?

In our culture today, we often see merit sacrificed on the altar of “inclusion,” and historical facts regularly being replaced with social justice “1619” type nonsensical fantasies. Take away foundational knowledge, and the population is cast about on a sea of uncertainty— it certainly has been an effective plan on the part of the progenitors of evil who are intent on destroying America and remaking it into a mirror image of North Korea.

I just hope and pray that there are enough of us who are not subject to the debilitating “Liberal Intelligence Deficiency Disease” (sometimes also referred to as “progressive mental wasting disorder”) to right this ship before it is permanently capsized and sunk!

By the way, we have no actual proof that even one person in the world has been protected from the “Covid-19” flu by wearing a mask, as at least 85 percent of Covid-19 positive people have regularly worn masks. Still, we do have countless examples of individuals being injured, and in some cases suffering death, from the effects of the universal “mask mandate!”

Johnny Rowland is a media professional and lives with his family in the Northern Sonoran Desert near Tombstone, Arizona. He is a founder of and can be contacted at You can listen to Johnny live by streaming his radio program WNQM Nashville, Monday through Friday at 2:00 pm CT,



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