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By Johnny Rowland

Yes, indeed, you read it right! It’s time to go back to church; rip off your goofy mask, whose only real purpose is to choke and subdue you and throw it away. Send the kids back to school; and, by all means, go back to work! The church, if yours is an actual Bible-believing and preaching one, is the most important mission to do first. Why? Because our would-be slavers are deathly afraid of meetings where the Holy Spirit will cause those gathered to be inspired and infused with realizations and reasoning! That is what our “controllers” really fear! They fear normal people stopping and asking themselves, “What’s being done to us and our country?” Another equally dangerous question is: “Just who is really behind this ridiculous “lockdown” and “masking” nonsense?”

Dr. Fauci, along with a host of other promoters of the so-called “pandemic,” should be charged with malfeasance in office, criminal negligence, and conspiracy to commit medical injury. They should then be prosecuted, convicted, and jailed for their crimes! Negligent homicide should also be added to the list of infractions these perps have committed by knowingly preventing or restricting the administration of proven treatments for Covid-19 to the general public. Numerous times we have spoken of the dangers of financial gain becoming more important than the original medical mission of healing and doing no harm. Well, here is a perfect example of doctors and supposedly educated officials, willfully turning a blind eye to available and affordable remedies for a serious sickness, in the pursuit of massive vaccine profits for themselves, their big pharmaceutical company masters, and the so-called Center for Disease Control. Look this up for yourselves: a huge portion of CDC revenues come from their vaccine patent royalties!

Right now, I (and we) am corresponding with a group of really informed and angry Americans, about the possibility of launching a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the American people, and going after Fauci, the CDC, the FDA, every state governor who has ordered the “lockdown” as well as the useless and harmful “masking” of the public; and let’s don’t leave out the irresponsible city mayors and council members who have been so stupid and irresponsible to go along with this mandated HOGWASH!! And while we are cleaning house, let’s include “Mr.-vaccinate-every-person-on-the-planet” Bill Gates (vaccinate everyone, but himself, his family, and other globalists in cahoots, of course) and one George Soros, if we can get this in front of an honest jury.

The Demo-Congs, (a derivative of Viet-Cong, another communist organization) formerly known as the democrat party, along with some truly worthless RINO’s, are doing whatever they can to punish the American people for having the temerity to vote for Donald Trump in an attempt to turn our country away from its deadly slide toward socialist extinction. If there had been a liberal-socialist Demo-Cong in the White House, Covid-19 would have only been regarded as a passing nuisance bug. But so far, this has been the only effective way that the Deep State has come up with to frighten the public into submission.

Let this be a warning. Efforts by the socialist Deep State, with its Antifa and Black Lives Matter nonsense and criminal behavior, and politicians who are bent on the “fundamental transformation” of the United States into an evil United Nations subservient third world paradise, will not continue to be tolerated by patriotic, gun-owning, Christian Americans.
If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining or supporting the aforementioned class-action lawsuit, email me at

Things have gone far past “too far” and if we don’t stand for our principles, our country, and ourselves and our families now, there may not be another chance! LET’S DO THIS!!!

Johnny Rowland is a media professional and lives with his family in the Northern Sonoran Desert near Tombstone, Arizona. He is a founder of and can be contacted at You can listen to Johnny live by streaming his radio program WNQM Nashville, Monday through Friday at 2:00 pm CT,

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