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Cactus Chronicles: The Greater Threat and Where Do We Go from Here?

By Johnny Rowland

The greatest threat to the future of our United States comes not from a foreign military, or some unknown virus, but from the most deadly and crippling disease: Liberal Insanity. There is a simple and low-cost antidote, which is the Truth, but the well stricken Liberal may often violently resist any attempt at treatment or rescue from his or her debilitating condition. Also, it is amazing how quickly this mental disorder adapts and mutates in its quest to destroy its victims along with everyone else they come in contact with! This deadly affliction rapidly strikes the vulnerable and most unaware while incapacitating their ability to reason and grasp reality. Often, this tragic disorder brings on hallucinations of ridiculous phenomena (such as “climate change” or “global warming,” taking celebrity gibberish as gospel, or even the outright and twisted fantasy of 50+ genders) while creating intellectual blindness and confusion in these poor suckers. And similar to lemmings, they are regularly willing to follow each other over a cliff to certain death, just because that’s the way the herd happens to be pointed!

Unfortunately for us all, there are power-mad globalist puppeteers, who are only too happy to take advantage of those suffering from this tragic Liberal hysteria, and manipulate them (along with their willingness to vote!) into supporting all manner of whacko and nefarious schemes. What makes those infected especially dangerous, is that they may look perfectly normal, however, a good way to find them out may be to mention “Make America Great Again,” and observe their ability to remain calm! We of the “Rational and Logical Fraternity” have an obligation to spread our “Truth Serum” into every available quarter, to battle this malignant travesty; remember: “the life we save, may be our own!”

On another subject, the Founders of our Republic saw the necessity of having a Citizen Militia to help assure local or regional security. Curiously, (or maybe not!) at least since the Wilson administration, armed assistance by citizens for police and military forces has been vigorously discouraged. The underlying motive of this has been to achieve the ultimate disarmament of civilians, with the evil intent of eventual police state population management. This is unacceptable in maintaining a free society and has resulted in an “us versus them” mentality or mindset on the part of many police and political agencies. If politicians don’t trust the very people who put them into office, with the means to protect themselves and their families, then those politicians should be replaced with some who actually respect their constituents. I believe that we need to start a national movement to re-organize volunteer Citizen Militias, properly trained and equipped, to assist police and or military units, when called upon in a time of emergency. (There are so many up-sides to this scenario, that it will take another column to go through them!)

Despite economic woes and societal inconveniences brought on by the Coronavirus episode, I believe we can recognize a number of positives for the longer term. One is the realization that governments overall have been shown to be essentially incompetent in guaranteeing health and safety to their citizens— all of us have had a stark reminder that “We the People” may be the only First Responders available and must prepare for this possibility. (Also, President Trump’s declaration that gun and ammunition enterprises are essential and must remain open during this time of quarantine, is no small matter!) Another would be widespread awakening to the need for solid Spiritual underpinnings to cope with and overcome media promoted fear and panic. After all, our founding as a nation was based on the Judeo-Christian Ethic, and our survival as a nation will depend on our adherence to it.

Johnny Rowland is a media professional and lives with his family in the Northern Sonoran Desert near Tombstone, Arizona. He is a founder of and can be contacted at


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