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Confronting Slavery and Bursting A Few Bubbles
By Johnny Rowland

The qualifying and defining sentence of this column is that I am against slavery in all forms. And I hope that most of those reading these words feel this same way about the tragedy of human bondage, which may also be termed as an individual existing without liberty. So, in these times of turmoil and confusion, why don’t we examine the issue and concept of just what slavery amounts to. Unfortunately, freedom has been (and remains) the most often stolen commodity in human history; thereby, creating the condition known as slavery.

To have liberty, one must first have individual freedom of choice, or as some might say free will. But our idea of liberty is also accompanied by responsibility and accountability: our “free will” only goes so far as to meet the “free will” boundary of someone else. When we seek to impose our own desires and requirements on to someone else, regardless of how they feel about it, that amounts to coercion, and which, technically speaking, is a form of slavery. As human beings, we were given the gift of free will from the very beginning by our Creator; but we have had to learn the hard way that the freedom of decision making also comes with consequences. And this is key to what is going on now in our country; we cannot enjoy liberty without the accompanying consequences, whether they be good or bad. The bride and or husband comes complete with in-laws (maybe out-laws!), and we should consider that when we begin to make those life choices!

Many among us have the mistaken idea that “if it feels good, just do it!”— as one comedian used to say, but then those same irresponsible folks don’t want to accept the aftermath of their actions. If one burns down one’s neighborhood, then one won’t have a place to live or work; if one intentionally hurts or injures an innocent someone else, then payback can be pretty unpleasant! Pregnancy almost always comes from a natural and normal process and is not the disease it is often promoted to be. Abortion mills are not reproductive treatment centers as they represent themselves but are instead modern-day human extermination camps!

The word “slave” dates from around the 9th Century when Islamics enslaved people from Eastern Europe or the Slavic countries. And for those who might think that this is a past facet of Islam, none other than the Al Jazeera News Service has recently defended the practice of slavery and was promoting its “positive’ aspects! Of course, the act of enslaving others can be traced back to near the very beginnings of humanity, and can still be observed thriving today, in Africa, Asia, and many other parts of the world: can we spell human trafficking?! Regardless of whatever color or race we constitute; we all have ancestors who have been slaves at one point or time in history. Some of these folks so rabidly demanding “reparations” from people who never owned slaves, and even though they, themselves, have never been slaves, may not like where the money trail leads!

It turns out that most black slaves were actually purchased from other black people on the African continent, and who had been captured by their brethren in tribal wars or raids. It made economic sense to the tribal leaders to sell as merchandise those unfortunates they had seized, and here is the fact that the reparations crowd does not want to face: those prisoners who were not sold were simply killed. There is no way that those tribal chiefs were going to let them go, only to have to fight them again another day. The most amazing thing about this situation is that the reparations mob refuses to appreciate the fact that they are alive at all and are free to enjoy all the benefits of every other US citizen. They also fail to see that those originally enslaved persons were actually set free and provided for by the very societies that had previously kept them in bondage in this and other Western Civilization countries. Every person on earth could demand reparations from someone or some event past in history, and they can spend their lives blaming someone else for their misfortune, or drug habit, or circumstance.

They can also choose to take advantage of the precious rights and opportunities they have under the US Constitution to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Note it says “pursue,” and offers no guarantee— life ends up being what we make it, and to quote Henry Ford, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t— you’re right either way!”

“Black Lives Matter” does not give a rip about black lives, or any other lives, for that matter. It is an international revolutionary and terrorist organization that attempts to capitalize on imagined guilt of ignorant or (even worse!) stupid white people and or corporations. Like the equally despicable Antifa outfit, it serves the global cabal of would-be slavers— the very nasty bunch it fakes hatred for— and has been proven to work in concert with the Democrat party!

The road to preserve liberty is always “under construction;” fasten your seatbelt as it looks like there is some rough pavement ahead! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!

Johnny Rowland is a media professional and lives with his family in the Northern Sonoran Desert near Tombstone, Arizona. He is a founder of and can be contacted at You can listen to Johnny live by streaming his radio program WNQM Nashville, Monday through Friday at 2:00 pm CT,


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