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Courage: An American Trait

By Becca Keating

As you may have heard, California and some other States have tyrannical governors who want to control our lives, taking away our freedoms. The good news is that patriots are rising up and saying, “No more!” We still have opposition, but more people are just outright tired of being told to stay home and stay masked, as if that was a healthy thing to do. We have seen small businesses evaporate or on “life support” at the same time watching Amazon and Costco bustle with business. What’s up with that?

One thing we see more and more is COURAGE! We are witnessing restaurant owners refusing to close. We are seeing people refusing to stay home. We are seeing people gathering. We see people refusing to wear the mask, even though it has become big business offering various colors, shapes, and messages. This movement to be courageous began way before May 31 but exploded at that point with churches refusing to stay closed, realizing the Body of Christ is ESSENTIAL.

Kirk Cameron produced a show called Non-Essential, revealing the importance of the church, our message of hope, our need to be together, helping one another in this perilous time when the suicide rate is higher than virus deaths. This unique production featured Kirk Cameron and Charlie Kirk, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Dinesh D’Souza, Cissie Graham Lynch, David Harris Jr., Pastor Rob McCoy, Dr. Dan Erickson, and singer Danny Gokey. If you missed it, go to to view it at your leisure. The main message was that we all ARE essential, even though our governor thinks otherwise.

The courage of pastors across California and this nation has not always been an easy road; some facing fines, some facing horrible criticism, some facing jail time. But as Pastor John MacArther shared in an interview, a prison ministry might prove to be one he hasn’t yet embarked. When this pastor sued the governor, he won each of the four court cases until the fifth case. By then, MacArthur’s church became full to overflowing because people were so hungry to hear the good news from the Bible. They came on their own initiative, most mask-less, sitting together as families or friends. And as you may have guessed, NO COVID outbreak has occurred.

Another courageous pastor in California re-opened his church on May 31, purposing NEVER to close again. Since then, there have been three packed services each Sunday with the option to sit inside or outside, shifting the responsibility of each person to practice healthy habits such as washing hands, coughing in the shoulder, and staying home if sick. What a concept! We never needed the government to tell us what to do to stay healthy before this Covid-time, did we? As a result of this church opening, there have been thousands being encouraged, loved, and supported. The word of God has so touched the lives through this church that they had a baptismal service at the ocean with over one thousand new believers. Since the re-opening of this church in May, there has been NO COVID outbreak. There must be something true about Herd Immunity, don’t you think?

As the California governor has once again begun his chokehold on small businesses and restaurants, we have been encouraged by law enforcement’s support. Some local sheriffs’ courage was displayed by announcing they will NOT be hassling citizens regarding masks, distancing, staying home, and curfews. They have assured restaurants and businesses to open up with only the concern of the health or alcohol/beverage “czars” hunting them down to take away licenses. Fortunately, people are realizing there are laws that trump store/restaurant policy. Most laws actually protect us from many of these tyrannical mandates. One restaurant owner in Huntington Beach took the challenge to stand firm by allowing his patrons to dine without having to wear a mask into his Italian refuge. Even the maitre d’, the servers, and the chiefs are free to breathe easy without a mask. People are invited to pack the place as they enjoy family dining and bar service. Last Saturday, I took a girlfriend to visit this now-famous Pasta e Vino for some amazing family Italian recipes. It was so popular, we waited for two and a half hours to be seated. While waiting, I was privileged to meet and talk with the courageous owner. As he reiterated on the Dennis Prager radio show, our military fought for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. He feels he should be courageous enough to stand firm against a tyrannical governor to keep people employed, fed, and happy! Would you be so bold?

So, what can YOU do to be courageous during this time of forced conformity to some “guidelines” that restrict our American freedom and self-governing? Find out the laws that are on the books in your County and State. Know your rights as an individual or business owner. Going mask-less might be your first step of courage. I learned of a law in my state, which allows entry into any public place (store, restaurant, office, etc.) no matter race, color, religion, sex, or medical reason. When entering a public place, there have been a couple of times the employees have asked if I had a mask. I quietly relay to them that I don’t wear a mask. If pressed to put on a mask, I gently let them know I don’t wear a mask for health/medical reasons. (I need oxygen; otherwise, I faint.) If pressed further to put on a mask, I gently tell them THEY would be breaking the law if they made me wear a mask or prevented me from entering without a mask. BOOM! I’ve only had a couple of times when the employee was rude… at which time I took my money to spend elsewhere!

Courage? Well, it’s a start, right?

For more information and to understand your rights, I encourage you to visit

Submitted by Becca Keating. Becca is an author, speaker, and powerful, contemporary voice on the frontline of politics, media, and religion. Keating’s urgent first-person perspective on faith and policy are ripped from today’s headlines and featured on TV and talk radio. For more information, visit

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