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Dear Mr Biden (and all Federal Officers)

By Fritz Berggren, PhD

You are the President of the United States by virtue of the Constitution of the United States.  Ditto to every Federal Officer.

If  by virtue of the Constitution, you violate the very document that provides for that Office, then you subvert your authority.   One cannot assert the authority granted by the Constitution when at the same time undermining the Constitution.

In short, to the degree that Officers of the Constitution have become  enemies of the Constitution, they have zero authority under the Constitution.  This is an obvious fact.

In such case, the People revert to a state of nature.  They are compelled to re-arrange our social structures; they may establish governments acceptable to themselves.  This is obvious.

The Left has long before come to this conclusion; they have actively destroyed the institutions, customs,  and laws that have  here-to-fore served the people of the United States.  They began their struggle long ago — now the fruits are apparent.  Today millions find ourselves dissidents in the very country that our ancestors and children fought for.

We find ourselves outcasts — illegals in our own country.

Sir, the constitution of our people will not allow us to be servants, serfs, or slaves.  And we most certainly refuse to be your Subjects.

Permit me, Sir, to outline these observations:

  • There is no longer equal protection under the law.  There are two rules now, one set for Democrats, BLM, Anti-Fa, non-Americans — and another set for law abiding Traditional Americans.  Traditional Americans are required to wear masks and are arrested when trespassing in the People’s House — our House.   Meanwhile, illegal invader are welcomed with open arms, Covid or not,  and fill our prisons with felons.   Mr Biden — this is not their country.  Why do you favor aliens over Americans?  Some think you are a traitor, now, Sir.
  • The First Amendment protects those on the Left, those who undermine the Constitution of the United States, and for distributors of  media that would have been,  in my childhood,  illegal.  Other Americans  are censored for arbitrarily assigned “hate speech” accusations.  If we criticize Leftist policies, or point out obvious facts (such as the invasion you are promoting on the border)  it is hate speech.  Yet, BLM and college Professors actively promote the hatred of Whites.
  • Traditional Americans have been pushed out of jobs and schools for daring to speaking our moral and religious conscience, and for daring to speak facts inconvenient to the Left.
  • A Mom protesting transgenderism in public schools may be silenced by Google/Facebook/Twitter,  but those promoting the sexual grooming of minors  have been elevated to senior positions in your Government.  Of all our grievances, sir, this is most heinous and cannot be overlooked.  When your Administration promotes the sexual slaughter of our children, grooming them for predators by imposing — without our input or consent — the LGBTQ agenda  . . .  mind your self, Mr. President.
  • President, the Second Amendment is as Constitutionally authoritative as Article II.  It has  less to do with hunting or household defense than as  the last line resort for “We the People”against invasion (which many believe you are promoting on our border) and from Tyrants, defined as those in power who ignore the freedoms recognized (not granted) by the Document which allows  for your office (Article II).

Our ingrained courtesy and traditional respect  have stayed our hand but by no means will it silence our voices.  We seek not means beyond speech.  Yet, Sir, you goad us.

When our Children are considered but toys for your experiments a thing arises in our bellies that goes not gently away.

It is said that domestic violence is a heinous crime.

It is said that a Man and Woman ought to divorce before it comes to blows.

It is said that a peaceful separation is preferred to bloodshed.

Mr. President, thou shalt not bludgeon us into submission nor into silence.

We are aware that you think that you can, Sir.

Respectfully, this is a mistake of our condition, our constitution, our ancestors.   We live across the generations, Sir.  We are not dust in the wind, here only for the moment; we are obligated to our God, our Ancestors and our Offspring to resist the evil being visited upon us.

We recognize that our Opponents feel equally aggrieved.

This enmity cannot be breached on the path we travel today.

Both parties find ourselves unable to walk in peace  — both grow distant, embittered.

Both sides entertain ideas beyond words — the Left has realized this baser instinct by burning, looting, rioting.

They have already seceded in many cities, refusing to abide by federal law, and setting up “autonomous zones” much to the delight of your Party.

We have not — we have been patient.

Yet they inspire us — some think we ought pursue that course  as well. Our own autonomous zones, our own “sanctuary” cities.  Our own States, free from the tyranny of bureaucrats  that claim its authorities beyond those granted  by the Constitution.

If that is unpalatable, Sir, then that is but evidence that there are two sets of rules in this country.

Let us agree to  a peaceful separation before  something much much worse begins.

Let us build our futures, apart.

Let cooler heads prevail before the passions of historical anger overtake us both.

Submitted by Fritz Berggren, PhD. For more information and to read more of his articles, visit



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