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By Michael Bonsall

So, what is decency anyway? One definition states that decency is:

Noun: behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability. ”She had the decency to come and confess.”

Now you can parse, dissect, and contemplate the meanings of each word and come to your own conclusion. Some like to spin, twist, manipulate, and come to some exaggerated hypothesis on what the actual meaning is. The left absolutely loves to demonize and destroy words and the meaning of the words they don’t like or accept. For example, the term liberal was used to describe leftists until the negativity connotation became synonymous with the term liberal when used as a label for leftists and democrats. The result was that liberal was immediately dropped, and leftists and democrats adopted the term “Progressive”. The bottom line is that the left like to use words to hide behind because their true intentions and agenda typically will not stand the light of day or actual scrutiny, especially in the court of public venues where the citizens are informed.

The left has even tried to play games with words like reality, implying that somehow reality differs from person to person as does the truth. The implication that my truth and your truth might vary with regard to a plain fact is quite simply just absurd. But absurdity has never stopped the left or democrats from throwing everything against the wall to see what will stick and then running with the result in hopes of damaging or inflicting injury upon their enemies or opponents. But that is a low blow and a dirty trick. Well, yes, in the realm of decency, it certainly is unacceptable behavior, but when has something like that ever stopped the extremists from doing it?

During the last four years, we have witnessed the seeming demise of things like ethics, morality, decency, and, most certainly, civility. The ability to engage in civil discourse about anything that the left has not deemed appropriate or furthers the left’s agenda is positively not allowed, period. Those who are foolish enough to attempt to disagree with the left are browbeaten, harassed, or positively terrorized into submission by extreme radicals who will do absolutely anything to suppress and silence any and every dissent to their ideology.

Consider situations such as Conservative speakers who attempt to educate and inform young people on college or university campuses who are typically not going to hear anything about the right or conservatism otherwise. Any time that a Conservative dares to speak on a college or university campus in America today. The result is usually angry mobs of misinformed, uneducated students, steeped in a far-left ideology, which is typically all that they experience with the possible exception of home and church, taking to the streets to trash, smash, and riot. The behavior is the typical response to any attempt to present ideas and world views on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Students are typically not even presented with ideas of anything except the furthest left and most radical viewpoints of professors who proudly and openly identify as socialist, Marxist, and even just plain communists.

To those on the extreme left, the idea of decency, like most ideas, is fluid and continually changing. The left typically rejects the idea of rigid, concrete definitions, especially those which are representative of right and wrong. The left typically rejects the idea of right and wrong and attempts to categorize or assign degrees or levels of right and wrong. Ideas that differ from those accepted and commonly utilized by the left are entirely rejected and accompanied by some drawn-out hypothesis of nonsense and academically belabored diatribe. To the majority of Leftists, the ends justify the means, period.

If one subscribes to the philosophy that the ends justify the means, then concepts such as right and wrong become fuzzy and somewhat intangible. There is no concrete or absolute definition as the concept is fluid and moves along unseen scales, and comprises degrees on a fictitious scale. This has and is leading to the absolute abolition of the idea of decency. As defined above, decency can be thought of as conforming to accepted standards of morality and respectability. Judging by what we’ve seen happening in the streets of America from coast to coast with endless nights of rioting and mobs inflicting damage and chaos upon anything in their path, decency and civility are the last things on their minds. And what of the media or the leaders on the left? What is their response to this lack of civility and decency? Typically, it is to spin, twist, and manipulation of facts. We are told that the rioting mobs are “mostly peaceful” despite seeing riots with our own eyes. In other words, they lie to us to excuse this lack of decency demonstrated by out of control mobs. If those engaged in riots are even charged, they are typically bailed out by supporters who contribute to vast caches of money used to defend them. Sports figures, actors, and even politicians contribute to such funds to help those who are burning, destroying, and even murdering anyone and anything in their path.

We are witnessing the death of decency, civility, and anything that can even be construed as “Normal”. We are told that such activities, ideas, concepts, and worldview are the “New Normal”. If this is true and we cannot go back from what we are told is to be our “New Normal”, then I will reject it with every fiber of my being. I will not sit idly by and watch the destruction of our way of life at the hands of fanatics who wish to utterly destroy the America, which has been established, built, and worked so incredibly wonderfully for over two hundred and forty years.

Wake up, America!

Submitted by Michael Bonsall. Mike is an Air Force Veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer with BS in Theology who loves Jesus, America, and Patriotism. You can read more of Mike’s thoughts at



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