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Democrats are Not Hiding Their Intentions

By Craig Carlson

If you listen closely you can discern what the Democrats intend to do and why.

Nancy Pelosi said, about a year ago, that, “one way or another”, Donald Trump will not have a second term. The Democrats are pushing for vote by mail because it is the only way they can steal the election. The COVID farce has allegedly killed 170K Americans… far less than the fear-mongering MSM said could be over 2 million; and the numbers are outrageously corrupted (inflated).

Doctors are now being threatened if they use Hydroxychloroquine (recommended by Trump) to save COVID patients. A few Democrat Governors intentionally put COVID patients into their assisted living and nursing homes to increase the lethality and create more fear.

All this COVID fear is about vote by mail and they don’t care who or how many have to die to achieve this goal.

The chaos/violence in Democrat-run cities is a Democrat strategic effort to force Trump to declare martial law so they can claim he is a tyrant and abusing his power. Now, Pelosi says that if Trump doesn’t leave the White House after the election, it is only geography and another inauguration can happen to put someone else in power.

The Democrats have no intention of accepting a loss this year. The Constitution no longer means anything to the Democrats. The Polls are inflated for Biden so the Dems can claim Trump stole the election. Why? Because they were so sure Hillary was going to win that the previous administration failed to hide its treason and corruption.

It is about not being held accountable and, like a mouse backed into a corner, they are fighting with all they have at the expense of “We the People.” Democrats are demonstrating how much they detest our Constitution and are willing to destroy their own cities to prove it.

I wonder how the destruction will affect their ability to attract new businesses to replace those that are fleeing. The taxpayer base of New York, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and California are leaving those states in droves. Looks like these states will be living with the ruin for years to come and, remember, elections do have consequences.

Submitted by C. Carlson, Martinsburg, PA

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