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Do We Still Have a Reliable Justice System?

By Soaring Eagle

The only surprising thing about the Democrat-run election voter fraud is how brazen and obvious it was.

We knew they would try to steal the election because they could not win any other way, but the Democrats were flaunting their disdain for anyone voting for Trump and our Constitution. The Democrats are amoral and have embraced an agenda to destroy our Nation for a Globalist agenda. There are already calls from liberals to arrest people that exercise their 1st Amendment right to voice an opinion that does not agree with theirs. The violence on display was intended to intimidate Trump voters and show resolve to the Democrat base. Unfortunately for the Democrats, this backfired on them so badly that their voter fraud had to be so outrageous that it could not be overlooked. Even Democrat Congressmen/women realized that the strategy cost them seats in the House. Nancy Pelosi is so detached from the American people’s heart and soul that she assured everyone that the Democrats would gain seats. Now she is begging to lead for two more years.

The similarities of the Democrat tactics to the fascist tactics of the 1930s and 40s is alarming. The BLM and ANTIFA are the modern brown shirts and thuggish arm of the Party. The window breakage and looting in cities is reminiscent of Crystal Night in Germany. The intimidation and censoring of speech are no less than Communist behavior. This is not your grandparent’s patriotic Democrat Party, and any resemblance to that institution is gone.

If you think you can ignore this departure from Constitutional norms and maintain your freedom, you are gravely mistaken. Once the Democrats control both houses of Congress, they intend to stay in power forever by any means necessary. Even using a pandemic that killed our elderly in numbers still in question because of misreporting in New York and other Democrat-run States. Never forget that Nancy Pelosi said President Trump would not have a second term “one way or another.” They are driven by hate from a state of depravity unmatched in American history. The fact we have been wearing masks for months and not allowed to meet in groups without social distancing under penalty of “law” should give you an idea of the tyrannical state that can result from ignoring the Constitution.

Do you think history cannot repeat itself in terms of genocide because we are more educated and intellectually superior to our predecessors? Remember, the human dimension does not change. There are people of amoral character that can rise to power and determine to exterminate their opposition. It is repeated frequently in world history, and today is no different. Pay attention to the push toward chipping all of us by mandatory vaccinations that have been prophesied for two millennia. This is a Biblical assault on mankind. It is about control and extermination.

The Trump legal team has its hands full of evidence and unless the Supreme Court is as compromised as Chief Justice Roberts, justice will prevail. When it does, the Democrats will elect to pack the court as soon as they have the power to do it. Nothing is off the table for the Democrat’s desire to rule over all of us… NOTHING.

Submitted by Soaring Eagle. Soaring Eagle is the nom de plume for a retired US Army Colonel with national security credentials and international advisory experience.




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