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Don’t Be Ridin’ with Biden

By Jeff Carson

If you’re ridin’ with Biden,
You must have gone crazy.
You’re judgment’s impaired,
And you’re thinkin’ is hazy.

He’s like a drunk man,
Driving an automobile.
With his foot on the gas,
And one hand on the wheel.

He laughs as he takes,
A pull from the bottle.
And squeals the tires,
When he steps on the throttle.

Careening off into,
The great unknown.
Commandeering this bus.
But he isn’t alone.

Kamala rides shotgun,
Right there by his side.
And goads him on,
This disastrous ride.

Like the temptress she is,
Whispers…come on Joe.
Let’s see just how fast,
This ol’ bus can go.

Paying no heed,
To the rules of the road.
And no concern at all,
For their precious load.

She offers him another,
Pull from the bottle.
And the passengers scream,
As he mashes the throttle.

It’s now a runaway bus,
That’s out of control.
And the brakes are gone,
Just like their soul.

You may be ridin’ with Biden,
Cause he’s making a splash.
But a runaway bus,
Always ends with a crash.

So, before you strap yourself in,
With the mentally insane.
Step off of that bus,
And climb aboard the train.
The Mighty Trump Train!

Submitted by Jeff Carson, Heber City, UT

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