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Don’t Let Texas Become Georgia!

By Roger Quannah Settler

The recent election debacle in Georgia in November and January has led to speculation that the same crew specializing in election fraud in Georgia will try to replicate their efforts in Texas. It is imperative that all states immediately begin electoral reform efforts to prevent voter fraud and manipulation. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico are where the greatest need exists. It is incumbent on the Legislatures of those states to undo the harm caused by their partisan Governors, Secretaries of State and state courts. While Texas did not experience the same level of shenanigans that these seven states did, it is still crucial that steps be taken to ensure that the election fraud roadshow does not find success here in Texas.

A perfect storm of situations came together to enable the biggest electoral scandal in American history:

  1. The Wuhan Chinese virus created support for “Mail-In Ballots” without signature verification and unprecedented “emergency powers”.
  2. The laws of various states do not allow State Legislatures to call themselves into session without the Governors.
  3. Weakness on the part of election officials and willingness to bow to special interest pressure.
  4. The reluctance of elected officials to challenge the notion that elections are not tampered with or manipulated. Statistical Implausibility is real.

The fervent desire of most Americans to blindly accept election results without proper verification is truly troubling… and it is this very delusion that could turn future elections into the debacle that was 2020. We cannot allow fear of the virus, identity politics, and political correctness to continue to pollute our electoral process. Unless we act this year, election fraud may become permanent: election rigging, ballot tampering, improper vote tallying, and/or hasty certification of election results.

This writer would urge the new majority on the Lubbock County Commissioner’s Court to re-examine the wisdom of taking local elections away from the County Clerk and other governmental entities and creating a stand-alone Elections Office, which seems impervious to accessibility, accountability, and transparency. The result is that elections are conducted without independent verification, in which blind trust replaces proper supervision. Dorothy Kennedy, the Elections Office supervisor, has refused on many occasions to allow candidates, including this writer, poll watchers, the media, et al. proper access to the vote-counting process. This lack of transparency is unacceptable.

We need to return to the Old Classic Voting System of Texas, the specifications for which are enumerated below:


  1. Eliminate all electronic voting machines; no more possibilities of hacking, manipulation of data, or computer glitches, return Lubbock County and Texas to the OCVST method of voting and hopefully extend that system to the entire United States.
  2. Use HAND COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS and the scratch blackening method of marking them, and color-coordinated election forms, with Optical Scan machines available for quick reporting of election returns.
  3. Bring back the ballot boxes and the ballot stub boxes.
  4. Use the old tried and true quadruplicate signature roster, which cannot be altered; ban the use of computer peel-off stickers for signature rosters.
  5. Affirm the neighborhood precinct system, with neighborhood precincts as polling places, with elected Precinct Chairs serving as Election Judges; end the ill-advised use of super voting centers in grocery stores and other venues.
  6. Return to the practice of counting votes at the individual precincts and avoid the pitfalls of centralized election counting centers without observers, transparency, and accountability; use the backroom method of counting votes, with teams of neighborhood citizens counting the votes rather than anonymous people and electronic machines and producing a verifiable count.
  7. Use only requested absentee ballots, which could only be voted in person or by mail when requested, and disallow any ballot which is not in the hands of Election Officials by closing time on Election Day.
  8. Require proper voter identification at all polling places, and retain the current absentee method of voting, prohibiting any other form of “Mail-In ballots”.
  9. Regularly cleanse voter registration rolls of any ineligible voters, voters who have moved out of state, voters who have died, and voters convicted of felonies.
  10. Re-institute the practice of true voting canvasses, in which Precinct Chairs, poll watchers, the media, and any other interested observers may audit election returns and verify the results through cross-checking.
  11. Eliminate early voting and all of the problems associated with proper supervision of voting associated with grocery stores and inappropriate voting places.
  12. Re-establish Election Day as the primary voting day and counting only votes received by Election Day. Election Day, or perhaps two days, should be a State Holiday.

Finally, in Lubbock County, put the Lubbock County Elections Office and the conduct of elections back under the office of the County Clerk, an elected position with accountability, and insist on complete transparency.

Submitted by Roger Quannah Settler, Lubbock, TX

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