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Elections Have Consequences:

Freedom is on the ballot in 2020
By Representative Jodey C. Arrington

Elections have consequences – for better or for worse. When you cast your ballot, you aren’t just voting for a person; you are voting for a set of ideals. Our President, along with support from a Republican Congress, has made historic gains in restoring the freedom, security, and prosperity that has always accompanied America’s exceptionalism.

However, this past year has been especially difficult, as so many of our values have been challenged and liberties compromised. Some of these are obvious, like supporting and funding our law enforcement and the fundamental right to protect ourselves and defend our property; while others are more subtle, like the freedom to peaceably assemble or work and provide for our families.

Now more than ever, we must make our voices heard. That’s how we fight for the future of our beloved republic. Be clear: more important than any single candidate, it’s the Constitution, our God-given freedoms, and America’s traditional values that are on the ballot this election.

Like most Americans, Texans do not want to turn our nation into Speaker Pelosi’s San Francisco or Kamala Harris’ California — we don’t want socialist policies like open borders, high taxes and regulations, and defunding the police.

Showing up to vote, and encouraging other like-minded, liberty-loving West Texans to do the same, is a responsibility we must take seriously.

In 2016: Americans’ choice was between a failed political machine that had concentrated more and more power in the political establishment versus a change agent who promised to transfer power out of Washington back into the hands of “We the People”, where it belongs.

However, I would submit, in 2020, our opponent is something even more sinister: socialism.

The 2020 election represents a choice between two futures for our country: one that empowers our citizens by restoring their freedom, or one that gives the government control over every aspect of our lives.

Although we might have hoped the specter of socialism would have been relegated to ‘the ash heap of history’—Democrats in Washington today embrace those same failed policies.  Like Venezuela, Cuba, and other socialist countries who have gone down this road of ruin, this tired ideology would crush our economy, undermine our freedoms, and sap the American spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and hard work. Simply put, socialism would destroy our way of life and all that an exceptional America represents to the world.

In stark contrast, under this President’s leadership, we’ve enjoyed three years of historic gains in liberty and limited government, respect for the Constitution and the rule of law, and draining Washington’s swampy culture.

We’ve restored our self-reliance, renewed our strength, and held fast to our founding principles as a nation.

It’s been three years of promises made and promises kept. And we’re just getting started.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Let’s build on the progress this President and Republicans in Congress have made by taking back the House, protecting the Senate, and securing four more years of America greatness!

Submitted by Jodey C. Arrington, who represents Texas’ 19th Congressional District and serves on the House Ways and Means Committee. For more information, visit and follow Representative Arrington on Facebook at @JodeyArrington



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