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By Michael Bonsall

Endurance. This term best describes the feeling experienced as we now move beyond the November 3rd election of 2020. So why the word endurance, you might ask? Because for seventy million people endure. People who followed the rules, did things correctly, and performed their civic duty according to the well-established, clear cut policies and procedures that have served us for many, many election cycles. We endure.

Why must we now be asked to endure the fiasco currently playing out in front of our eyes? Why must we endure a painstakingly slow fraudulent vote-counting process? The simple answer is that the more time that it takes, the more opportunity that the Left will have to reach the conclusion they desire by any means necessary. You might say how cynical such sentiment is, but the evidence is quite overwhelming to the contrary.

Although countless men and women in America share deeply held convictions and beliefs concerning what America is and what America represents, our feelings are entirely dismissed out of hand by those with a differing worldview and political beliefs. Intolerance has soared to unimagined heights, and the division between Americans has never been higher. The question is, how much must we accept before there is pushback? How much ridicule, vilification, and all-out assault must we endure at the hands of the Left?

Consider conservatives have been forced to endure during the eight years of the Obama and Biden regime. Like so many others who remained silent, we were forced to have our beliefs and ideals stretched beyond belief. Without going into a lengthy list of disastrous policies and failures during Obama/Biden years, suffice it to say that the list of successes is nonexistent. Of the many that come to mind, I will simply reference the debacle of “Obamacare” as one example. Obamacare was not to provide good, cost-effective healthcare to the masses but rather a raw and naked power grab of arguably one-sixth of the US Economy.

The Left, like any good tyrant, is in love with “CONTROL” and power. The idea of controlling another sixth of the US Economy made the Leftist absolutely giddy with glee. And consider how fair and equitable the process of bringing this behemoth, nightmarish horror into reality was when Republicans were simply locked out of the process altogether and were not even allowed into meetings discussing it. And then, Pelosi informed America that it must be passed before we found out what was in it. Are you kidding me with this insanity? Oh, but no, they were deadly serious and failing to garner even a single Republican vote of support. The Leftists manipulated, twisted, and rewrote rules resulting in them simply “deeming” the bill passed. Every cliche possible about “smoke-filled” back rooms was accurate and real, as was the usurping of America’s healthcare system at the hands of Leftist politicians who were drunk on power. Of course, every lie told about Obamacare has come to pass, and it is anything but affordable or good as we were told it would be.

All of us who did not or do not subscribe to the policies of the Left were forced to endure and watch as weak and feckless policies were rammed down our throats over and over again even though so many of us already knew that their ideology was flawed and their policies were doomed to fail repeatedly. We were forced to endure unbearable taxation, foreign policy failures, Embassies overrun by enemies, and our personnel slaughtered. We were forced to endure corrupt and criminal political influence-peddling. Simultaneously, many in the Obama regime were more focused on their personal wealth accumulation than fulfilling the duties that they were sworn to protect and uphold. We were forced to endure two terms of this.

Then, in 2015, Donald J. Trump announced his intention to run for the United States of America’s Presidency. The announcement was met with howls of laughter, ridicule, outrageous jokes and, mocking by everyone on the Left. Of course, we know the outcome and have been, once again, forced to endure the out of control, fanatic, lunatic actions of the Left. We have had to endure the reality of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” at the hands of Leftist politicians, entertainers, sports figures, and the entire mainstream media who immediately launched into endless, nonstop, twenty-four hour a day cycles of anything and everything that they could manufacture to harm or delegitimize the Trump administration and those who support it. We have had to endure outright hatred, looting, burning, and chaos at the hands of Leftists from coast to coast. We have had to endure assaults on law enforcement, tearing down historical monuments, and destruction of private and government property for month after month. And now, we are told that we must endure the blatant attempt to steal the current election.

The corrupt process is by design and was crafted by evil, corrupt people intent on regaining power and control through any means necessary, even if that requires lying, cheating, and stealing. Currently, their strategy is to “Count until they win” by keeping Republicans out of counting rooms, “curing ballots”, having dead voters cast votes, and all of the corrupt and criminal processes necessary to achieve their ends.

The question is, at this point, how much more are we to endure? Are we to sit idly by as our way of life and country as we know it are transformed into something utterly unrecognizable at the hands of radicals intend on completely destroying it?

Wake up, America!

Submitted by Michael Bonsall. Mike is an Air Force Veteran and former Law Enforcement Officer with BS in Theology who loves Jesus, America, and Patriotism. You can read more of Mike’s thoughts at



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