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Good Job, Lubbock!

On May 1st, 2021, the residents of Lubbock, Texas made their voices heard and with their voting power have declared that Lubbock will be a sanctuary city for the Unborn.  Congratulations to all who worked hard to get this ordinance on the ballot, who got out the word and encouraged others to vote, and for all those in Lubbock who voted for righteousness.  Your work has been rewarded and will benefit this city in ways we cannot yet understand.  Our God is a God of life and He sees every life as precious.  He expects the same from us.

However, I am concerned that now the city has officially been declared a sanctuary city, that most people will think that their work is done.  They will pat themselves on the back and rest on their laurels.  It will be a return to life as before.

Becoming a sanctuary city is not the end of the matter.  It is not the end of loving our neighbor and giving the unborn a chance at life.  It is only the beginning.  From now until our Messiah returns there will be a great deal of work to be done in order to continue to pursue His kingdom and His righteousness within the lives of the unborn and the women who carry and give birth to them.  The mothers need support, community, and guidance.  They need a good diet and health care during and after pregnancy.  They need someone to walk them through the stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing.  They need provision and income so they are not lost in poverty or the cycle of dependence upon government.  The women and children also need to know their Creator and Savior who loves and has a plan for each one.

There is work to be done with the men who fathered the children.  They need to learn to accept responsibility for their actions and become a real man.  They need a community, support, and guidance as they learn how to be a good father and provider.  The men, too, need to know their Creator and Savior who loves and has a plan for each man.  They need to know that they bear a great responsibility, as well as a great privilege, as a man, a husband, and a father.  They need to know how to respect themselves as well as how to respect others.

Our work does not end with ending abortions within the city limits of Lubbock.  Our work continues and needs to be reaching the youth before they make decisions that produce children.  Our youth need to know that each one is uniquely designed and loved by God who has paid the ultimate price for them.  They need to know that He has a purpose and plan for each young person.  They are not here by accident or a freak of evolution.

We need to be teaching our youth work ethic so they will choose to provide for themselves and their family.  We need to teach them to respect themselves and others and that all life is precious.  They need to learn how to become mature, thinking, and caring adults.  They need to know that they are capable of dreams and making those dreams reality while serving the God who gave them those dreams and abilities.  They need to learn the sanctity and beauty of marriage and saving sex for that precious relationship created by God.   They need to be taught that children are a blessing from God and an honor to those who raise them in righteousness.

Obviously, these things will not be taught in public schools.  And many who face unexpected pregnancies are doing so without support of family or community.  They will not find those things in the public schools, either.  Unfortunately, most churches don’t teach these biblical lessons to our youth, either.  That must change!   Even so, each and every person who worked and voted to make Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn must realize that their work has only begun and be committed to following through until there are no more unwanted pregnancies, or until our Messiah returns.  May YHWH (God) bless each one who participated in the successful passage of this ordinance.  May He guide you in completing the work He has set before you.   May you truly hear on the day of judgment, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Submitted by DeAnna Willman, Levelland, TX, Seven Lamps Ministries. Photo credit to

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