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Why We the People Need to “MASK OFF” and Lead the World in Liberty
By Don Bebee

The church where we attend offers a daily bible reading plan. The other day the reading was Exodus 14. In the evening, in front of where the “underdog” Jewish people are camped, is the Red Sea. Behind them Pharaoh’s “superior dog” army is camped. And will most assuredly attack, slaughter, and rout them in the morning.

Do We the People not also find ourselves in a similar situation these days? In front of where our American family has been camped for generations is the “Red Sea” Marxist revolution burning our cities, terrorizing, murdering innocent people, and law enforcement officers. These Marxist militia brainwashed manipulated followers blinded by ranting rage become the useful idiots of the Democrat Party insurrectionist anarchists’ lawlessness.

And camped behind our American family paralyzing us with the true pandemic of fearmongering are the progressive socialists, Marxist, RINO, Democrat Globalist Technocracy tyrants. These anarchist “Fear Nazis” incrementally destroying our Republic are led by Dr. Pharaoh Fauci. Globally culturally warring, promoting, propagandizing under the guise of “health care” their tyrannical utopian globalist agenda.

Daily, Dr. Pharaoh Fauci’s taunting militaristic Fake News/Fake Science Swamp Rats army shout incessantly their non-stop like drip torture demoralizing diabolical insurrectionist propaganda. Their strategy demonically dictated to steal, murder, and destroy We the People along with our Creator endowed unalienable rights of liberty and freedom.  By Imposing their “mandated rule of law-will” these traitors are disrupting our lives, uprooting our culture, and corrupting our civilization with their sinister sacrilege.

With their deathly planned-demic chaos and other anarchist weapons of mass distraction, these mind numb unreasoning malicious misfits are overruling our American way of life. Systematically they are intentionally dismantling our economy, education, churches, recreation, livelihood, financial solvency, families, communities, our national sovereignty. We the People.

Their subversive tactics are deceptively successful. Even after the truth has been coming to light about their dark global deviousness. Through paralyzing people and nations with fear by mind-controlling with misinformation they continue to make significant psychotic progress and are well entrenched. Wear the mask. Stay six feet apart. Quarantine-stay at home in self-isolation. Disinfect. They say, you, your business is essential. But you, your business is non-essential. Says WHO?*

Masses of people are without excuse unfortunately ignorant apathetic and or in denial about this tyrannical psychosis that has overpowered and controls them. And without resistance and critical thinking, these masses willfully comply. They say, “out of respect, I will wear the mask. Now. Out of respect, I will social-ism distance. Now. Out of respect, I will stay at home. Now.  Out of respect, I will accept that I am, my business is non-essential. Out of respect, I will buy the outrageous lie that we are all in this together. Out of respect for WHO?*

(*WHO: World Health Organization)

The survival rate for COVID-19 is over 99.5%. In other words, the death rate is less than ½ of 1%. These true numbers are far from making COVID-19 a real pandemic. COVID-19 is real but is nowhere near pandemic levels comparted to true pandemic statistics.

But then many people say, however, I will respectfully not get the “vaccine” when it is ready. Too late. The programming is in place.  You will take it, or you will be denied even more essential services. Among other things. How do we know this? Because it is here already.

Think about it. We are already being denied essential services and access to business, banking, restaurants, schools, sporting events, churches, shopping, etc. unless we are wearing a mask, stay 6 feet apart, and use hand sanitizer. This is a win-win for Dr. Pharaoh Fauci and his tyrant accomplices. They simply add the vaccine mandate in their timing and leave all the others in place.

Checkmate. We the people lose. More freedom and liberty deceptively stolen will not be reimbursed. There will be no restitution from Dr. Pharaoh Fauci and his tyrant oligarchy accomplices for their crimes against humanity. Those of the Global Technocracy oligarchy are above the rule of law. For theirs is the rule of will. Man’s will. Power and control. By any means. Their motto: In Man We Trust.

Where are the conservatives and why aren’t they speaking up in mass in unity against this lawlessness tyranny? Where are the conservative Christian leadership and community standing up in mass in unity against this lawlessness tyranny? And where are the conservatives, Christians, patriots standing up in mass in unity against this lawlessness tyranny?

Conservative, Christians, Patriots NOW is the time to stand up in mass in unity against this lawlessness tyranny. NOW is the time to stand up in mass in unity against this lawlessness tyranny and take back our liberty and freedom. How?

By intentionally rejecting their unjust evil lying deceptive lawlessness tyranny planned-demic fear-mongering attitudes and actions. By justly exercising in good faith self-evident truths as We the People stand up in mass in unity intentionally inspirationally restoring our Creator endowed unalienable rights of liberty and freedom across these United States of America. And to all nations who will follow in our lead. Masks off, We the People. Lead the world in Liberty. United We Stand.

Recognize and reject apathy and indifference. They only lead to cowardice. One’s apathy and indifference are manifestations of one’s amoral mental contractions causing the conscience searing birth pains delivering the offspring of cowardice.

Now is the time We the People for the courageous great American MASKS OFF UPHEAVAL.

Now is the time in mass in unity to cause an American family upheaval. Individually, stand up and take responsibility by joining with others to reach up and take the mask off your face, or from wherever it is laying, and heave it up and over into the garbage can.

And now walking in true liberty and freedom by being examples and leaders of just, true liberty and freedom, refuse to further patronize this Global Technocracy Mask-A-Raid Political Party lawlessness. Whose political party platform is “breathtaking.”

Take faith. Take courage. Take heart. Take action.  At every level of culture, society, community across the board, whether it be the “church”, the “state” or the “family” institution, We the People must reject planned-demic fear causing apathy and cowardice. Through individual responsibility and then standing united We the People must replace their lawlessness anarchy with “In God We Trust” liberating faith causing accountable courageousness.

Masks Off, We the People. Lead the World in Liberty.

In God We Trust

Submitted by Dr. Don Bebee, Lubbock, TX,


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