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It Is with a Broken Heart…

By Joseph Mavilia

On this inauguration day, I feel the bitter cold of darkness falling upon us. It is with a broken heart I reflect on what American’s have lost. Trump was a blessing and the best and last hope we could ever restore our country to the past’s founding principles. Like so many patriotic Americans, I cherish those founding values so reminiscent of the idea of the heartland of America. Although heartland can be interpreted as the center of the country, to me, it characterizes a land that touches the hearts and minds of a people and national greatness so rare in history.

The earthy things that made us great are, for me, the farms and ranches and hard-won a new life of pioneers that gave birth to towns and cities over the past few hundred years. It is a history of a landscape of wonder. It was indeed a spirited pioneer people that built then and continues to be the soul of America. It also represents the excitement of adventure celebrated around the globe in Spaghetti Westerns and the glorifying of that Cowboy image. It is that home on the range where the deer and the antelope play… where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the big sky country that conjures up a feeling of greatness through individual freedom and liberty.

Frankly, America is all about that heartland and is as far away from the big overcrowded metropolitan cities where real people are a distant memory. You can cite timeless dreamers yearning to get back to a simpler life where kids and dogs can run and ramble through fields and streams closer to the nature that spawned us all. That place where hunting and fishing give us pause to reflect on what is most important in this life. Common folk. Humble people that are the salt of the earth.

Like Salmon that instinctively find their way upstream where they were born, people have that same instinct to find their way back home. And I find more and more these days that many do answer that call, to get to the heart of America. Freedom and liberty lead naturally to that pursuit of happiness.

Our patriots give thanks to our President Donald Trump and his entire family for fighting for “We the People” while narcissistic big shots only sought and continue seeking to use us deplorable as footstools.

I trust we will not bow down to the god of the left that is in opposition to God, our creator. Those who believe in our Lord will understand what we say here. But unbelievers will never understand how deceitful the new leaders are. Every plank in their platform agenda is contrary to our Christian faith. We have lost this battle for our advocate President Trump, but we will win the war. Ultimately God is in control. Fear not and let not your hearts be troubled. These leaders will lead for a season, but our cause is eternal.

Submitted by Joe Mavilia, author, journalist, syndicated columnist published in print media including the Los Angeles Times, The Golden Transcript – Colorado, La Feria News – Texas, The Pasadena Weekly – California, and others around the country, including,  Contributing editor, Content writer for, and columnist of Caprock Patriot.


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