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Joseph Stalin and the Democrat Party

By Charles Johns

For the uneducated, Stalin was the dictator of Russia responsible for millions of his own citizens’ deaths. To understand Stalin’s thinking, one of his quotes is, “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” Stalin limited citizens’ education because he understood an educated populace is hard to control, but uneducated citizens can be easily manipulated.

Communism is socialism with no god because the government is god. Liberal democrats are the ones who began liberal classes in universities with old hippies as so-called professors, teaching Gender Studies, Socialist Advantages, America Was Never Great, The USA Stole Her Power, Capitalism is Bad, and I could go on ad infinitum.

Liberal democrats got the Bible removed from schools even though our founders suggested it as a schoolbook. Those same founders said this form of government would not work without moral citizens. Notice, liberal democrats began pushing to legalize drugs, lower education standards, and remove morality in education, suggesting morality changes from generation to generation. So, to democrats, your morality and my morality can be different because there are no absolutes. Without absolutes, abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, the open use of drugs, and cheating in various ways is acceptable. To them, morality is a personal thing without a higher purpose or power… sad.

Donald J. Trump became our President legally and shocked Democrats into action. They attacked him at every TV camera, microphone, and in print, then invented the Trump-Russia HOAX. For four years, they lied about Russia’s connections using lies paid for with democrat money from Hillary and the DNC. When nothing worked, they went after his advisors, putting them on trial for things having nothing to do with Trump, then shouting how bad his people are.

Pelosi impeached him with zero Republican votes over a normal and totally legal phone call. Adam Schiff lied about having proof against Trump but never showed it. When President Trump called the mass-media FAKE NEWS, democrats shouted he was undermining how citizens get information. After citizens began checking media facts, they learned the President was right, and the media was part of the democrat party. Even with the media attacking President Trump, he answered their questions almost daily, without notes and with little or no limitations on the subject.

At age 77, I have never seen a politician do that, probably because he is the most transparent President in my lifetime, and he is not a politician. When Joe Biden answered questions, they were pre-selected and even answered with him using a teleprompter. There are serious questions about Biden’s past connections with Ukraine and how Joe made millions while VP, but reporters do not ask him about such things…only President Trump.

With Trump rallies having thousands attending, Black, Hispanic, and women jobs at an all-time high, wages climbing, Trump bringing manufacturing jobs back from overseas, and citizens feeling good about America, democrats had to do something to stop the rise in his popularity. China had tariffs placed on their products due to them cheating. NATO was told to pay their share. We pulled out of a dumb agreement with our enemy Iran, and President Trump told the world we were simply telling everyone we expected them to accept equal responsibility.

Joe Biden is on video demanding Ukraine fire the person investigating Burisma where his son Hunter worked for an obscene salary or lose a billion-dollar deal… and the man was fired. With Biden’s history, his obvious mental condition, and video proof of his possible blackmailing, no way should he win against President Trump’s very positive record… unless democrats use the “Stalin Counting Method.”

Hopefully, this explains the headline of this article.

Submitted by Charles Johns, Abilene, TX. Charles is a Navy Veteran that served on three carriers, spent 20 years as a TV tech, 50 years building cars, and 10+ years as a shop superintendent and Police Depart­ment armorer. He graduated from Elkins Institute in Dallas (the same school Rush Limbaugh attended). He holds a Federal Firearms License as a gunsmith, with his own 100-yard gun-range for 21 years. Charles can be reached at or 972-965-5173


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