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Let’s KEEP Building a Better Lubbock

By Mayor Dan Pope 

When I took the oath of office in 2016, I promised that by working together, we could make Lubbock even better through commonsense and conservative leadership. For more than four years, that’s what we have been working on at City Hall — finding ways to make Lubbock a safer and more accountable place for our citizens and our future.

Fiscal Discipline

Even after six months of COVID-19, in Lubbock, we remain committed in our efforts to exercise fiscal discipline and adopt more of a “pay as you go” approach. We have found ways to be creative and flexible when it comes to city finances. Sometimes it is as simple as saying, “No, that is not the best use of our financial resources at the time.” Our 2020-2021 budget will grow less than one percent; still, we will pay cash for 92% of the vehicles purchased, dedicate $10 million in cash for street maintenance, fund more than $20 million worth of public works projects in cash, and pay down $108 million in debt.

Public Safety

We have fully supported and funded Public Safety. Our police and fire first responders are on the front line offering protection for our homes, businesses, and neighborhoods. Construction of the three police substations are well underway. These projects are the first in our Public Safety Initiative which supports community policing. The safety of our citizens remains our top priority.

Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent City Hall

We promised to hire the right people to lead the city forward. Jarrett Atkinson, our City Manager, has proven to be a steady, capable, and visionary leader. He has built a team that is responsive and focused on serving the needs of our citizens. We have seen examples of this in our response to the pandemic.

Effective Communication

We strive every day to better communicate with our citizens. The city website and social media presence continue to improve. I have embraced open channels of communication through my weekly video updates, monthly Coffee with the Mayor, and many other forums where I am asked to participate.

Strong, Resilient Economy

Job creation is a Lubbock success story. From 2016-2019, our economy produced 10,000 net new jobs. 2020 has provided a new set of challenges; however, our response has been strong. We must work with our existing businesses to foster an environment where they will continue to invest in our community. Lubbock will be a winner post-COVID. Our safe neighborhoods, affordable cost of living, and quality of life investments will make us more attractive to families and businesses. The significant investments we have made in the arts, our parks, and downtown make Lubbock more attractive to employers and workers.

We have a strong record of results, but there is still much to accomplish. We are focused on the important things facing the city of Lubbock. Lubbock’s growth brings big challenges in addressing needs — those created by our success — while continuing to be a good steward of the city assets we already have. I want to finish the job we started.

Will you continue to support commonsense, conservative leadership? Together, we can continue to build a better Lubbock… for all of our families.   

I sincerely ask for your vote on November 3rd.

Submitted by Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope. Learn more at and follow Mayor Pope on Facebook, @MayorDanPope

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