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Lubbock Voting System: 10 Recommendations

By Roger Quannah Settler

The Watershed Election of 2020, [The Year of Sorrows], now to be known as THE ELECTION OF CHAOS, has demonstrated what happens when traditions give way to madness and corruption. It was quite apparent that President Donald J. Trump won the election on Election Day, the third of November, as the Constitution specifies. However, we knew in advance that the scurrilous “mail-in ballot” phenomenon that came about due to the Wuhan Chinese Virus would skew the results to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden. As the counts gradually came in, it became apparent that unverified mail-in ballots were going to whittle away Trump’s lead in the various Battleground States until Biden pulled ahead.

Serious questions of voter fraud and manipulation have now surfaced. The rush to anoint Biden as the President-Elect is very premature. This didn’t happen in 2000 when the victor was not confirmed until 37 days after the Election.

The events of the summer, including the Wuhan Chinese virus, mobs and the destruction of American cities with rioting, looting, arson, assaults, and murders all led to the use of random “Mail-In” ballots, mailed en masse to all those on registered voter rolls, all of which .allow the possibility, if not probability, of rampant fraud.

These national developments highlight the situation here in Lubbock County. For over a decade, since the Elections Office’s creation as a separate entity, the County has used two different sets of Electronic Voting Machines without Paper Trails. No canvassing is possible, and recounts are not feasible because of the lack of verification. On top of that, the Elections Office is extremely secretive about the counting process and has denied observers access to watching vote counts in the past.

This writer urges the nation in general, and Lubbock County in particular, to consider sweeping changes in our methods of voting. If anything is clear from the 2020 experience, Electronic Voting Machines are a deeply flawed method of voting and should be phased out and eliminated. Lubbock County should put its expensive voting machines up for sale and replace them with a better method.

In the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, the State of Texas had a beautiful election system with accessibility, accountability, and transparency. HAND COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS were the norm, and many safeguards existed which guaranteed the system’s integrity. In the 1970s, Secretary of State Bob Bullock, later Lieutenant Governor, finely tuned the system until it reached its zenith. This article shall, for purposes of clarity, refer to this system as the Old Classic Voting System In Texas [OCVST], a gold standard, which, if implemented in Lubbock County, Texas, and the entire nation, would prevent future ELECTIONS OF CHAOS such as we have witnessed this year.

I remember well when Kellis Dibrell, a former FBI agent, ran for statewide office on the GOP ticket when the GOP never won anything. He came to Lubbock, and I spoke with him about many things, including the September 1948 Primary Runoff for the U. S. Senate, in which future President Lyndon B. Johnson won the seat. Dibrell was one of the officers assigned to investigate allegations of voter fraud in Duval and Jim Wells Counties. In Duval, the home of a famous political machine, he and his partner were not given full access to the Signature Rosters but could memorize many names during their brief examination. The two then checked those names and found many of them in the graveyard…” graveyard voters”. They also noticed that at least a hundred or two of the names were in the same handwriting. LBJ won statewide by 87 votes, and Dibrell and his partner were convinced that at least 100-200 names had been fabricated. LACK OF TRANSPARENCY.

In 2020, hundreds of thousands of votes were manipulated through electronic machines, unverified absentee ballots, out-of-state voters, “graveyard voters”, unregistered voters, and people casting “Mail-In ballots” for registered voters without their permission. Unconscionable. ACCOUNTABILITY.

Speaking on Tucker Carlson’s show, Professor Victor Davis Hanson stated that once upon a time, Election Day had a certain majesty, the ultimate act a citizen can do in a Constitutional Republic [NOT a Democracy]. That act, done in person, with dignity, in a public building, has a resonance that no Early Vote or Mail-In ballot can ever achieve. Voting while buying groceries, or a new car, or eating pizza is NO WAY TO VOTE. Voting with an unrequested Mail-In ballot with no verified safeguards is NO WAY TO VOTE. Voting on Electronic Voting Machines, which can be easily hacked, is NO WAY TO VOTE. Voting with peel-off Signature Rosters is NO WAY TO VOTE.


  1. Return Lubbock County and Texas to the OCVST method of voting, and hopefully extend that system to the entire United States.
  2. Use HAND COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS and the scratch blackening method of marking them, and color-coordinated election forms.
  3. Bring back the Ballot Boxes and the Ballot Stub Boxes.
  4. Use the quadruplicate Signature Roster, which cannot be altered.
  5. Affirm the Neighborhood Precinct system, with Neighborhood Precincts as polling places, with elected Precinct Chairs serving as Election Judges.
  6. Use the Precinct backroom method of counting votes, with teams of neighborhood citizens counting the votes rather than anonymous people and electronic machines and producing a verifiable count.
  7. Use only requested Absentee ballots, which could only be voted in person or by mail when requested.
  8. If speed in results is deemed important, the Hand Counted Paper Ballots could be run through Optical Scan devices.
  9. Disallow any ballot which is not in the hands of Election Officials by closing time on Election Day.
  10. Use the Canvass system, which allowed Precinct Chairs, media, or other interested parties to verify the results through cross-checking.

This ELECTION OF CHAOS must never happen again, and if the American people are ever again to have confidence in the validity of votes, WE MUST CHANGE!

Submitted by Roger Quannah Settler, Lubbock, TX


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