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Make America Great Again – AGAIN!


Caprock Patriot regular contributor, Robert Owens, book Make America Great Again – Again, is a Caprock Patriot MUST READ!

This book is filled with some of the positive accomplishments of President Trump’s first Administration. Most of this has never been covered by the echo-chamber megaphone pretending to be an objective media.  Some of it has been covered as if through a carnival mirror, distorted and reshaped to fit the negative agenda of the Left.

Though the media elites, the perpetually re-elected, and the bureaucrats of the deep state are united in their determination to defeat Donald Trump, they’ve forgotten one thing … most of WE THE PEOPLE still believe in America.

And though they’ve used the Plandemic to shut down our economy while their shock troops are burning down our cities. They’ll not be able to terrorize us into staying home on election day.

And when the dust settles, four more years may give us enough breathing space to:

Make America Great Again – Again!

All of Dr. Owens’ books are available in paperback and kindle at:

Order Make America Great Again – Again today to arm yourself with the knowledge to have rational discussions with the left about the major contributions our President has made!

Submitted by Paul McArthur, the Caprock Patriot

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