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Make Lubbock a Sanctuary City

By Mark Lee Dickson

Lubbock’s Review of Ordinance Outlawing Abortion Obtains Assistance from Law Firm with Family-Ties to Planned Parenthood 

On Thursday, September 17th, the City of Lubbock released a statement about their legal review of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn ordinance. Their statement reads, “The City of Lubbock continues its legal review of the proposed Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance. The Olson & Olson law firm is assisting in this effort and will provide its review to the City Council at the earliest opportunity.”

Within hours of this announcement, word started spreading online that Olson & Olson was a law firm with family-ties to one of Planned Parenthood’s former board chairs. Interestingly enough, Kris Kaiser Olson is the former Board Chair of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. The very same organization has announced its plans to open up an abortion facility in Lubbock, Texas.

Kris Kaiser Olson is the wife of Charles D. Olson, whose uncle is one of Olson & Olson’s founding partners – William A. Olson Sr. This is confirmed in the obituary of William A. Olson Sr. whose obituary speaks of his nephew “Charles D. Olson and his wife Kris, of Waco, Texas.“ Many have pointed out that Kris Kaiser Olson’s husband does not work at the law firm in Houston, Texas, which was retained by the City of Lubbock in the legal review of this ordinance. While this is true that Charles D. Olson does not work at Olson & Olson in Houston, Texas (he actually works at Haley & Olson in Waco, Texas). This does not change the fact that his uncle is still William A. Olson Sr. and the fact that his cousin is still William A. Olson Jr. – the two founding partners of the Olson & Olson firm in Houston, Texas.

For many residents across Lubbock, this was the final straw. Lubbock resident Decker Reno said, “As a Lubbockite and former Republican Party leader, I cannot encourage the Mayor and City Council enough to listen to what the citizens of Lubbock are saying. Consulting with a law firm with family ties with someone who has been a state leader of Planned Parenthood is not what the people of Lubbock want their city to do. It is time that the Council place the ordinance for a vote and outlaw abortion within the city limits.”

West Texas for Life President Jim Baxa said, “If Kris Kaiser Olson had just been a volunteer at Planned Parenthood, this wouldn’t have been that big of an issue, but the fact that she was involved in a leadership role with Planned Parenthood and can be found in pictures of Planned Parenthood ribbon-cutting ceremonies with abortion giants like Cecile Richards and Ken Lambrecht – that is an issue which cannot be ignored.”

Kris Kaiser Olson can be seen in a picture online from a ribbon-cutting ceremony of the South Dallas Surgical Health Services Center in Dallas, Texas. Pictured with her was Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards and President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Ken Lambrecht. In the picture, Kris Kaiser Olson was listed as Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas Board Chair.

John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco, said, “We’ve already determined that Olson & Olson has strong family ties to Kris Olson. Kris is one of the Texas abortion industry leaders, serving as a board member of Planned Parenthood Waco and then Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas following a merger of three Planned Parenthood affiliates.” Pisciotta continued, “Kris served a full-term as chair of the board of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas following the merger of Austin / Waco / Dallas-Fort Worth affiliates.”

According to the website of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, “The new Planned Parenthood health center in Lubbock will provide affordable healthcare services” with both “surgical and medication abortion services” available at a later date. The only thing which would stop abortions from being performed in Lubbock, Texas, is the passing of an ordinance outlawing abortions before they start being performed within the city limits.

Submitted by Mark Lee Dickson. Mark is a Director with Right to Life of East Texas, a Pastor of SovereignLOVE Church in Longview, Texas, and the founder of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn initiative.


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