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By Don Bebee

How the deceptive political circus handlers have brought us the greatest government flim-flam show on earth.

The Ringling Brothers Barnham and Baily Circus began in late 1871. Its reputation grew with the people proclaiming it The Greatest Show on Earth. Traveling by railroad, the circus animals and equipment, and its people would roll into town with all their animals, rides, booths, displays, equipment, and such, packed into passenger, livestock, and boxcars.

The day the circus arrived by train was a huge celebratory event in every town. The citizens, especially the children, would gather to watch all the equipment and animals unloaded from the train. Specially to watch as the circus workers, handlers would work the giant circus elephants with all their impressive size and strength.

By hooking chains and ropes to the harnesses, the circus handlers controlled these powerful circus animals by raising the giant center poles for all the circus tents and construction through training and commands. And again, when the circus is over, the circus handlers used these mammoth “circus animal cranes” to tear down the circus tents and structures.

Interestingly, once the circus handlers were through with using these giant, mighty circus pachyderms to accomplish all the work, the circus handlers would drive a steel stake in the ground and chain and shackle one leg of the circus elephant to the stake.

Think about it. How is it that these large and powerful circus elephants, with all the strength used to raise these massive tent poles, did not merely jerk the stake out of the ground?

The answer? Deception. When the circus elephants were firstborn, the circus handlers would drive a steel stake into the ground. They would use a chain to shackle it to one of the baby circus elephant’s legs. In their mental and physical infancy, baby circus elephants did not have the natural instinctive liberating power and strength to pull out the stake and set themselves free.

The strength they would naturally have later as mature non-circus elephants who had not been subjected to this deceptive mental and physical manipulation. But now, through deception, the circus elephant, its will is held captive for life to do the will of the deceivers. And the next baby circus elephant generations born into the unnatural abnormal circus captivity became even easier to deceive.

Through deception, the deceiver gains the unjust power and control to rule over and hold the deceived in captivity to do the deceiver’s will.

Think about it. The circus handlers have control 24/7/365 to rationing out all the circus elephant’s needs: food, water, health, shelter, etc. All while keeping the circus elephants within the confined restricted incarcerating boundaries limited by the length of the unseen mental and seen physical chain and shackle that held it captive.

By now, these circus enslaved beasts of burden have lost all awareness of their captivity. Captivity, to do the will of their circus handler deceivers, is now the circus elephant’s new deceptive norm, their reality.

The results? The deceptively mind-controlled circus elephants lost the liberty and freedom of their natural instinctive and intelligent critical thinking, reasoning, awareness. They were lost to the deceptive, controlling captivity shackle and chain purposes of their circus handlers. Being held captive to be controlled to do the will of their circus handlers has become the circus elephant’s “herd instinct” alternate-reality.

Unwittingly, the mind-numbed programmed circus elephants are now allowing their circus handlers and their circus handler’s deception to control the deceptive reasoning of their mind. Having lost their own true real intelligence, the deceived “useful idiot” circus elephants now only exercise their strength, power, and life to do the circus handlers’ will.

The circus handlers are master manipulators. They know if you can predict how some animal (someone) will respond to a stimulus, training, indoctrination, you can control them, the outcome, the direction in which you want them to think, and then act.

Therefore, through their intentional deception, the circus handlers now have the unreasoning depraved mind circus elephants under their full power and control, holding them in bondage, captive to do the will of the circus handlers.

By whatever a man is overruled to that he is enslaved.

In early 2020, our United States Constitution, Constitutional Republic Rule of Law, was unjustly overruled and set aside. The lightning strike timing of this unconscionable “invisible war” and tyrannical lawlessness was cooperatively, deliberately, and intentionally enabled through international deception.

Deceiving co-conspirator, corrupt political circus handlers, with their global technocracy accomplices, launched their cunning “chain and shackle” destructive and distracting weapons of mass deception onto this planet’s population.

Their purpose? To brazenly seize power and control over the deceived. Those who would fall for the deception and become controlled by the unjust rule of will by the deceivers. Thus, making the deceived useful (us!) political circus idiots. What does the lawlessness and tyranny of these corrupt political circus handlers’ chains and shackles look like?

Mandates. Masks. Mayhem. Madness. Quarantines. Social Distancing. Essential, non-essential business, institutions-religious and educational, etc., disinfecting, handwashing… The Swamp. Fake News. Progressivism. Socialism. Marxism. Communism. Antifa. Anarchy. Insurrection. Mob Rule. RINOs. BLM. Administrative Agency. Voter Fraud. Legislating from the Bench. Abortion. Ad nauseam. In three words: The Democrat Party.

All empowering and emboldening the corrupt political circus handlers to enforce the lawlessness rule of will of the tyrannical Deceivers. All at the expense of national and individual sovereignty.  All at the expense of liberty and freedom. To be controlled by the corrupt political circus handler’s totalitarian global elite oligarchy. We the People to be held captive in our homeland to do their will.

These corrupt political circus handlers Rule of Will deceptively exercise as “Law” under their sham government authority’s administrative agencies is enforced through their stake of Covid-19 driven into the heart of culture with its “pandemic” chain reaction of fearmongering shackled on We the People. (And the people of the world.) Fear and fearmongering becoming the more significant “pandemic” than Covid-19.

The Democrat Party is The Greatest Government Flim-Flam Show on Earth

Fortunately for We the People, President Donald J. Trump was not deceived. He and his Administration have done, and are doing, all they can do to slow down the spread of the deceptive Covid-19 “pandemic”. And, more importantly, to slow down the even greater “pandemic” of fearmongering.  And is continuing to do so.

He is rebuilding our economy, our civility, our country, our Constitutional Republic Rule of Law. However, he cannot complete it without the help of We the People.

President Trump needs and deserves four more years. And it is in the best interest of We the people to see to it that he gets it.


NOTE: Author regrets that for true historically accurate real moral authority illustrative application purposes the main character of the story symbolism is an “elephant” and not a “donkey.” You know what I am saying.

Submitted by Dr. Don Bebee, Lubbock, TX,


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