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Mourning the Loss of Trust

By Soaring Eagle

Growing up in a Christian home with WWII era parents in small town patriotic America as part of the “boomer” generation was a recipe for inheriting the “American Dream” of rising to the limits of your abilities in a system that rewarded merit.  My brother, sister and I were blessed to be raised by adoring parents without drama in our home.  Doors were unlocked at night; rifles were left in gun racks visible to all in the back windows of trucks.  The streets were safe, and people looked out for one another and the police were more like Andy Griffith than Charles Bronson.

My WWII Veteran father was Commandant and Dean of Boys at a Christian academy in Texas, and we owned a 300-acre ranch plus used another 1000 acres leased for raising cows, sheep, goats and three horses.  My mother was the glue that held all together and does so to this day.  It was a wonderful time to grow up in America, it was the late 1950s.  This was a time when television and Hollywood was entering a new age and the programing was positive, patriotic, taught values, and defined what a young man should aspire to be.  If you remember the programs, “Lassie”, “Leave it to Beaver”, “Davy Crocket”, “Father Knows Best”, “Paladin”, “Dead or Alive”, “Zorro”, and “The Lone Ranger” you are fortunate to have lived in that era punctuated by family dinners and church gatherings.  I acted out many of my favorite westerns on that little Texas ranch where I learned to shoot straight (in more ways than one) and ride horses.  It was an incredibly special time to be alive.

Dwight Eisenhower was the first President I remember hearing and seeing on TV.  He was listened to with reverence and a tangible faith in his goodness.  People believed in selfless service, honesty, justice, and our government.  Church was the center of our social and spiritual world in those days.  We were inside the church whenever the doors were open.  Extraordinary mentors brought us to a knowledge of the Bible and the many lessons therein.

I remember seeing my first Texas Ranger in a small café in Wimberly, Texas.  He was wearing a crisp khaki shirt, matching pants, shined cowboy boots, a gun belt with bullets, and a large revolver on his hip, not to mention a beautiful Stetson.  His badge was worn above his left breast pocket and he looked weathered and potentially dangerous to a young kid.  The people in the café were captivated by his presence but not in fear, it was total respect.  When he spoke to my father, I was surprised they seemed to know each other.

My father was not a talkative person but when he spoke you listened because it was usually a life lesson or encouragement, he did not traffic in gossip or condone it.  We were raised by our parents to believe anything was possible if we worked to achieve it.  We were also taught not to judge people too harshly till you “walked a mile in their moccasins.”  This meant that all people travel their own road with their own challenges and demons.  We could not judge everyone as if they were raised with the same experiences as us or the same affections.  We had to learn about demons the hard way as we encountered people away from home that certainly did not have the same values or experiences.

My family believed in public service and my brother and I were raised to understand that we needed to serve our country for a tour of duty in the military, preferably as officers, meaning we would go to college first.  The reason for this was our parents believed the United States, with all its promise for our peoples’ future, deserved at least two years of our service to educate us about sacrifice for liberty so we had a greater appreciation for the life America offered us.  It was a natural thing for us to believe… and we did.  My brother served 6 years and I served 27.

Many things happened along life’s path since then.  The Kennedy assassination was a watershed event that still reeks of sinister musings followed by Vietnam, Martin Luther King, the feminist movement, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, assaults on the family, the abortion horror, 12 presidents of diminished shine, a fake pandemic, and an unveiling of a propagandist media that has had their undeniable effects.

Frequently, as presidential elections come and go, we seem to choose between the lesser of two evils than the most qualified for the job.  As a matter of fact, qualifications seem to be a disqualifier in the political realm.  I remember meeting Governor John Connally (of Texas) after he had been shot (during the Kennedy assassination) and the respect that he had at that time.  These were people that held an almost unquestioned trust in our future.  There was no doubt that men like Eisenhower, Kennedy and Texas Rangers were protecting us from evil.  These were times that us kids believed in our family and the honesty of government to protect us.  Even the time that many were building bomb shelters to protect their families in the event of a nuclear attack from Cuba, we, as kids, were not deterred from our faith in America and those that were empowered to protect us.  That kind of faith in people, government, the media, and Hollywood has faded into a distant memory.  Which is a segue to the topic of this chapter and the loss of trust.

I do not remember the moment movies went from John Wayne’s America and good triumphing over evil to movies about how bad the police were or movies denigrating our military, but it happened in slow motion along with attacks on our values.  Sexuality was front and center.  TV shows had male heroes that won the affections of girls in a thirty-minute episode.  Women were conquests to be used and disposed of.  Family values were left in the dust.

My family were Democrats that were left out by the “Party” during the Lyndon Johnson era and caused them to switch to Republican.  The Democrats became the “big tent” party which virtually accommodated anyone that would vote for them regardless of conflicts with traditional values.  Religion became an obstacle to their agenda.  It still is.  Remember the “Situation Room” program of the 1990s? It allowed government lies to be normalized during the Clinton administration and was often called the “spin room.”  It has been an incessant process ever since, undermining real journalism.

The betrayal of our trust became evident.  The loss of faith in my own power to achieve our “American Dream” began to become a nagging question.  As an Army First Lieutenant witnessing the calamity of the Carter years and especially the national embarrassment of “Desert One” (1979 failed rescue mission in Iran) caused me to realize that I needed a closer relationship with God.  I became “born again” during those traumatic times and it sustains me to this day.  I still claim the prayers of my mother are the only reason I am alive today.  The opportunity for things to go wrong in my life have been numerous… sometimes potentially deadly but I have been blessed by prayer.  The Army consistently disappointed me with assignments I did not want, but God showed me why I was given those assignments within days of my arrival.  Each assignment placed me exactly where God could use the talents, He had given me.  I had only to be obedient to His plan and his whispered revelations (that most people call conscience).

I encountered wonderful and abhorrent leaders during my service of 27 years in the military.  God directed me through the maze of assignments ranging from the foxholes of basic training to the Pentagon and beyond.  Discernment and anger management were essential, and neither could have been possible without spiritual guidance.  Holding true to my values and standing for what is right never failed to win the day with my superiors and those I led.  Trust was a commodity born of faith in God.  Even the times that it was necessary to “buck” the system with unwelcome honesty ended up with victory.  Sometimes that was a terrible trial that seemed uncertain, but God protected me.  There is no other explanation for my successes.  I attribute this to my upbringing, faith, and prayer.

My personal failures, and there have been a few, have not been as traumatic as they could or possibly should have been.  I learned from those and, for the most part, believe those lessons educated me about the human dimension we navigate through life.  My views of the personal failures of others, some far greater than mine, are tempered by those experiences.  It allows me to be empathetic which is necessary in this life.  Evil is defined as the absence of empathy.  We must be able to forgive others and ourselves so the baggage we carry does not prevent us from serving God as we should.  If God could love King David, with all his failings, he can love me and you.

As we survived the 2020 COVID “plandemic” and the fraudulent presidential election it unveiled the corruption of our justice system, the FBI, media, and our government.  It was like ripping a bandage off a rancid sore.  The truth began being spilled out before us to the point the truth had to be censored by a corrupted system.  Political correctness has now reached its zenith.  Divergent views are unacceptable, so you must be cancelled if you are not following the communist agenda being forced on us.  The Fascist agenda of Goebbels is apparent in the lies being told frequently enough they almost become truths.  ANTIFA is fascism but because it is named anti-fascism it is not… and you are expected to believe that their terrorism, intimidation, and thuggery are good.  They are the new brown-shirts of the “Kristallnacht” (the night the Holocaust started in Germany) but it is “social justice”, not terrorism.  Faux journalists declared that the riots were mostly peaceful while cities burned behind them.  This is Russia Television style journalism in 2020, and you are expected to ignore what you see but believe what you are told.  If you have no discernment of spirits, you are lost, but God revealed the truth to those that understand spiritual warfare and that truth is increasingly disconcerting.

The last straw was when the Supreme Court defiled itself in front of the world by denying hearing evidence of election fraud and the Chief Justice accused of pedophilia never responded to those accusations.  Satan was reveling in his evil victories.  It seems that pedophilia is his tool, and it has been used to blackmail many in our government.  Pizza Gate, Hillary’s emails, Podesta, the Lolita Express, and Epstein Island investigations have been blocked or censored.  They fall off the news pages as fast as new scandals can emerge.   The media moves along, nothing to see here, thinking that the American public will forget… but we do not forget.  We are told these scandals are debunked but by who and when?

Sadly, the FBI is not here to help anymore.  The once vaunted agency is now a political weapon akin to the Gestapo.  So, we have the Antifa brown-shirts and the FBI playing out a Nazi role in America.  The media is complicit and caught in hundreds of fake news reports manipulating the willfully ignorant masses, and it is all obvious to those paying attention or those who have discernment and are not willfully ignorant.

Dr. Fauci has been revealed as a political assailant on America.  He has been about as consistent in his expert guidance as a Texas wind vane in a hurricane.  The only thing he is consistent about is spreading fear and insisting on vaccines with his buddy Bill Gates who has been vocal about depopulating the planet, to save it.  Why would anyone take an experimental vaccine against a virus that is 99.7% survivable or wear a mask that has been proven to be useless against a virus that is manufactured as a biological weapon?  The long-term effects are still unknown, but the negative effects are being censored.  Why?  The answer is fear, and Christ told us to “Fear Not” repeatedly in His teachings.  I believe we are called to obedience and it must be now.  FEAR NOT!  Refuse the mask and the vaccine, take your vitamin D, Zinc, and if needed, hydroxychloroquine.

Polling data today is completely determined by who pays for the poll.  Pay for it and you get the result you want.  It is all corrupted and obvious.  Do you really believe 80% of Americans want to continue wearing the face mask?  Same thing with the global warming hoax, Venice is still above water and the poles are still full of ice despite Al Gore’s prediction that they would be melted by 2014.  As a matter of fact, can you name a single prediction about the climate change catastrophes that have come to fruition?  Makes even less sense after the Obamas (true believers in climate change) bought beach front property.  I see the manipulation, do you?

The abject failure of Governor Cuomo concerning the COVID nightmare and his using nursing homes to create fear and panic for political ends is a demonstration of how far the politics have gone away from any sense of good governance.  His hatred of President Trump even caused him to ignore the lifesaving efforts provided by the hospital ship and arena prepared for his state’s use in the pandemic.  Hopefully, his mismanagement, arrogance, and sexual harassment will end his reign with a jail sentence… but he is a Democrat, and they are seldom held to account because he will blow the whistle on others.  This is the way the Devil gets his way.

Having said all this, the deaths of innocent people in lockdown, nursing homes, the suicides, the business closures, and poverty brought upon all of us in 2020 may be overshadowed in the long run by the betrayal of trust by the systems of government we all embraced a mere 30 years ago.  President George H. W. Bush ushered in the “New World Order” and with it, the trust in our governance has been broken, but the truth of the corruption and the agenda has been revealed during the “plandemic.”  From LBJ to Obama, America has been broken in a slow-motion downward sinful spiral.  Wars have been fought with no intention of winning, America’s youth have been sacrificed for less than protecting our liberty and freedom.  We have spent our blood and treasure to please a Satanic greedy force beyond our ability to comprehend.  The evil behind this is far worse than we can imagine.  It is Biblical.

I see the prophesies being played out before our very eyes and it amazes me that people cannot or will not remove the scales from their eyes to see the truth.  We are not the masters of our fate, God is.  When many academics deny God as the architect of “intelligent design” I have to ask how something as “simple” as the knee, ankle, eyesight, or reproduction was an accident?  Science fails to explain how this “big bang” theory resulted in a planet with oxygen, photosynthesis, water, atmosphere, proper distance from the Sun, and over 1.7 million species is possible.  Personally, I do not understand how any observer of nature could possibly deny the existence of God.  How do you explain the compassionate tears formed from witnessing an act of love or tragedy?  Think of the complicated process of forming that tear and still deny the existence of God.  Darwin was wrong and a Satanic lie.

Our nation must turn back to God because our battle is against dark forces as defined in Ephesians 6:12: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  God is the answer; we have been deceived for decades by those without morals or empathy.  We have been bombarded by messages that “greed is good” and “if it feels good, do it.”  The media has showered us with porn, lust, and mayhem.  It is no wonder our society is more dangerous, callous, and self-centered than any time since the fall of Rome.  God can and will deliver us from this evil and we will win in the end as the Bible prophesied.  Focus on raising your kids and grandkids with wisdom, values, and faith.  Pray for deliverance but be prepared to die in service of God’s kingdom when called.

Do not shrink from the battle ahead because it is already won.  This is an opportunity to have a revival in America.  Never lose your faith in God.  Now is the time to pray without ceasing and prepare your full armor of God.  It is an exciting time to be alive.

Soaring Eagle is the nom de plume of a retired Army colonel with national security experience.




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