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Oil & Gas Keep America Running

By Matt Coday

Oil and gas are the lifeblood of industrialized nations and the world’s most important source of energy.

Their products underpin every aspect of modern society, supplying energy to the power

industry, heating homes, and providing fuel for transportation. They benefit our lives by being vital to the production of many everyday essentials. Oil’s refined products are used to manufacture almost all chemical products, such as plastics, fertilizers, detergents, paints, and even medicines, plus a whole host of other products that you might not expect.

Here are some examples of what we owe to oil every day of our lives:

  • At school: rulers, crayons, ink and cartridges, glue, coverings on books, binders
  • For your health: coatings for pills, binding agent for creams, disposable syringes
  • In the home: contact lenses, cosmetics, clothing, fabrics, nail polish, deodorants, shampoo, paint, upholstery and carpets, detergents for washing up and laundry, dry-cleaning fluid
  • Out shopping: shopping bags, credit cards, egg cartons, plastic milk bottles
  • While cooking: non-stick pans, cling film, storage containers
  • For building: roofing tiles, pipes, insulating material, paint
  • On the move: fuel, emergency services, and trains, asphalt road surfaces
  • In the office: computer hardware, phones, pens, chairs, printing ink
  • At your leisure: bicycle handlebar grips, tires, crash helmets, football boots, trainers, shin pads, windsurfers, rollerblades
  • Garden: fertilizers, pesticides, garden furniture

But the oil and gas industry and our jobs are under attack!

In 2014, our industry and jobs were severely hurt by the overzealous, unnecessary, and burdensome Obama-era EPA regulations. In response, the Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA) was established in 2015 to represent all oil and gas professionals’ interests in local, state, and national issues.

In 2016, with the election of President Donald Trump, America moved closer to being entirely energy independent and further establishing ourselves as a global oil and gas force.

Today, with Joe Biden and the radical left hellbent on replacing oil and gas with a Green New Disaster, the fight is only beginning. The OGWA is leading that fight. China and Iran have been working on a  25-year deal for oil and gas. Russia and Saudi Arabia have no intention of killing their oil and gas  Industry. Why are American jobs, our economy, and our national security being threatened?

Oil & Gas Workers Association is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. We are not responsible for the partisan people who have set themselves against our industry and jobs, but we are the ones who will suffer if their policies are enacted.

The OGWA is working to

  • Reduce foreign oil imports
  • Energize American exploration, drilling, fracking, and production
  • Advance American pipelines, refineries, gas plants, and other infrastructure projects
  • Promote American investment in oil refineries and natural gas plants
  • Support and advance technology that increases the need for American oil and gas
  • Expand shipping terminals for American oil and gas exports
  • Bring back, increase, and sustain American oil and gas jobs
  • Educate oil and gas workers about the political and economic forces that affect our jobs
  • Educate all Americans about the importance of the oil and gas industry to our economy and national security

Oil & Gas Workers Association is committed to supporting responsible legislation and regulations that advance our industry and fighting against harmful, misguided policies that hurt all Americans.


Oil & Gas Workers Association is essential to preserving and improving the careers and lives of the hard-working men and women in the oil and gas industry. What began as a commonsense effort is growing, and we are confident of the way to further the organization, increase our membership and industry support, open our Washington, DC, and several state offices, and be the voice of American oil and gas workers at the federal, state, local, and regional levels.

With the support of the oil and gas workers and supporters the organization represents, the

OGWA is powering the future of American energy.

If you’re in the oil and gas industry, become a member today to protect your job and your rights! If you’re not in the oil and gas industry, you can still support the hard-working men and women that literally power your everyday life. Together, we can keep the oil and gas industry strong.

NOW is the time! Support the Oil & Gas Workers Association today by visiting!

Submitted by Matt Coday, President, Oil & Gas Workers Association, Inc. For more information and to support America’s oil and gas workers, visit

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