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Old Man

By Ray Johnson

I walked to the young man and ask why do you hate your nation?
He said old man you’re out of touch, it’s time for our generation!

I ask him why is your generation so filled with this anger and hate?
He shoved me to the ground and said this country was never great!

As he began to walk away, I shouted at him what you say isn’t true,
and if you’re not afraid of the facts this old man will educate you!

I could see frustration in his eyes as he turned and ran over to me,
grabbed me by the arm and said it’s a lie old man nothing is free!

I took his hand from my arm and said no need to cause me pain,
I’m not afraid to meet my maker but allow me the time to explain!

You’re determined to destroy because you feel no one ever listens.
They make promises for change with fancy terms in the description.

You see big corporations getting richer and ask, “where is our share?”,
and you’re tired of breaking your backs and you feel like life isn’t fair!

Young man you’re destroying people’s lives who do not have any control,
and the lies about racism is for fools, that issue ended many years ago.

The problem this old man and those like him see affecting our nation,
is young people fed hate and disrespect growing up in your generation.

Yours is not the only one who has seen painful struggles and loss of life.
There were several generation who have suffered living through the strife.

But we had men of honor who stood up to the mob mentality back then.
They marched in peace that brought attention and united all color of skin.

Yes, each time a little was destroyed, but greatness grew from those ashes,
You see that in the statues and monuments you desecrate in your clashes.

Your generation is out to incite a war that you have no chance of winning,
and those taking your votes will forget you as they have from the beginning.

Listen young pup to this old man who’s telling it to you straight and true,
when you accomplish what they seek they won’t hesitate to turn on you!

The only difference will be a whole new set of chains to bind us to their will,
though they may not be visible to the eye the weight of every link you’ll feel.

This is the greatest nation because you’re free to choose how you want to live,
but the path you’re choosing will destroy it as they take away all we have to give!

Submitted by Ray Johnson, Lubbock, TX


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