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Open Letter to Mayor Pope and the City Council

By an Anonymous Lubbock Citizen

Mayor and City Councilmen, we are deeply disappointed by your actions. Some of you claim to be “unequivocally” pro-life, but you compare Planned Parenthood to a church or a grocery store. Last time I checked, Christian Churches don’t sacrifice babies, nor do supermarkets sell fetal tissue. Stop with the lies and the disingenuousness. If you are pro-choice, own it. Tell us your position.

We who have advocated for the Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance have tried to be respectful. We are trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. We know we don’t understand all the subtle workings of the city government. But we know this… “ALL men are created equal.”

We know that the primary responsibility of government (federal, state, and local) is to protect the God-given rights of all people: Jew or Gentile, Black or White, Born or Unborn. You are supposed to “promote good and punish evil” (Romans 13). We know that we are supposed to do GOOD regardless of the consequences. “We must obey God rather than men,” the Apostles said. “Give me liberty or give me death,” said the American Revolutionaries. What have you done instead of this? You have ignored the pleas of your constituents. You have shunned the vicarious voices of the Unborn.

Former Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell has offered you free legal counsel. What have you done instead? You have hired and consulted a law firm whose founder has had close family ties to Planned Parenthood. The nephew of the founders of Olson & Olson is married to the former Board Chair (President) of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. The same group has announced plans to open an abortion facility in Lubbock, Texas. Are you in cahoots with Planned Parenthood? We don’t know. We don’t want to make unjustified claims about your character, but this sure looks suspicious. Please tell us what’s going on.

At the most recent “Coffee with the Mayor,” you said that public safety is job one. We appreciate your attitude towards the police by pledging to keep supporting them. However, the unborn babies who will be killed in your city when Planned Parenthood starts offering abortions need protection too.

You can’t consistently claim that public safety is one of your top concerns if you refuse to advocate for ALL of the people in your city. You mention that you want to stick to “provid[ing] police and fire service and mak[ing] sure that our parks are maintained.” These are not bad goals. But what’s the point of maintaining the parks if you won’t advocate for the rights of the children who will one day be able to play on them?

Your authority was given by God and can be taken away. Christ, your savior, said to Pilate, the governor of Judea, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above.” Most of you espouse Christian beliefs and/or claim to be involved with a church here in Lubbock. Will you let the Truth of Jesus Christ impact how you govern? We aren’t asking for theocracy, but we are asking for decency. Protecting the rights of ALL people is consistent with the Gospel and with Americanism.

Do you believe that the unborn are human? If not, know that you have no firm science, philosophy, or religion to back that up. If you do believe the unborn are human, why do you not strive to protect them? What justifies the ending of innocent life?

From the early days of Christianity to the American Revolution to the Civil Rights movement, brave men and women were willing to give their lives for Life and Liberty. Some fought for the truth of the Gospel. Others fought for freedom from tyranny of Britain. And still, others fought against the tyranny of Jim Crow.

Mayor Pope and the Lubbock City Council… For what will you fight?

Signed… the Concerned Citizens of Lubbock, Texas.

Submitted anonymously by a concerned Lubbock citizen.


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