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Origins of Destiny

Bible Summary: FREE DOWNLOAD
By S. G. Smith

The possession of an accurate record of human history is
logically necessary in order to develop a rational worldview for a
proper understanding of the universe in which man abides.
History is prophesy which has been revealed. Prophesy is history
which is yet to be. The Bible is a document which not only
discloses the divine record of human origins, but speaks to the
future and destiny of mankind. So what is this record, and what
is the fundamental framework of its message?

The purpose of this booklet is to present a summary of the

Bible, with supplementary comments, in order to provide a brief
yet comprehensive picture of human history. Additionally, by
virtue of the created order in which we live, it will present certain
operational features, to aid in understanding our human behavior,
purpose and destiny. Although other authors would have chosen
to emphasize other aspects of the Bible or secular history, the
following represents what I personally wish had been emphasized
in my own education from my earliest years.

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Submitted by S. G. Smith, Lubbock, TX

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