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Powers & Principalities

By Joseph Mavilia

With all the division in 21st Century America, it is hard to know where to start to understand our country’s condition and why it is so desperately divided.

The place to start, I suppose, is at the beginning, where we are told, “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God”. Do you believe that? Many are called to believe, but few are worthy of being chosen. The rest deny the God that created them.

The United States is unique in that it is a country built on the Bible. And it is the last place on earth where its values allow individual freedom and liberty to exist. And consider that America represents only 5% of the world population.

Data tells us approximately 80% of people in America claim to be Christians, but that number has been rapidly on the decline over the past few decades. They say they believe in the God of the Bible as their creator. Yet today, we see a movement away from faith in God and trending to Godless Socialism / Communism. A growing number of our people are receptive to a new world order and a one-world government without God. Why? I suggest it is a lack of education about history coupled with “Me Generation Baby Boomer” parents too busy with gathering things of the world, money, sports binging, and all the rest. That led to a dereliction of duty to be engaged in our children’s education. That allowed the ruling elite to redefine right and wrong. They intend to rule the whole world with their Godless morality, and it had to start with the indoctrination of the youth.

In my short lifetime, I was blessed to live in a world where faith was at the forefront of our education and thinking. We were taught Godly values and principles, and it was found on both sides of the aisle in our government. Democrats and Republicans may have differed on many issues, but they still believed in our founding principles. Those principles that gave us the longest living Constitution in history, and indisputably that document came from the Old and New Testaments between God and His people. That, too, has begun to be questioned by those in power who disparage our great founding fathers.

The 21st century Democrat party, however, is not the party of my youth. It has morphed into a diabolical Satanic cult that tells us “God is Dead” and that man has the ultimate power over the earth. To them, God “is” dead. But to about half of the country’s citizens, God is alive and well. Thus, there is a war raging between believers and powers and principalities (defined as men in authority or rulers).

We have been watching our elected officials hungry for power lie, cheat, and steal. They lust for the power to force their perception of reality onto and ahead of the rest of us. The cost of that deception? Well, our liberty and freedom, at the very least, are at risk. But the soul of America is being sacrificed on the altar of liberal progressive thinking.

One need only read the political platforms of the two major parties in America. Conservatives believe in America. Conservatives believe in the Constitution, and for the most part, they believe in God that breathed life into each one of us and the God that gave birth to our founding documents and thus to America.

Liberal Democrats of today believe in none of that. They try desperately to justify their position by demonizing and marginalizing a Christian worldview. Even some conservatives have chosen to support the Democrat party. However, to do that, they must abandon Godly principles, values, and morals they claim to live by. It is then that they cave in to the pressures of liberal thinking and support the left socialists. As those leaders boldly announce, they intend to rule with an iron fist, which symbolizes the movement they champion.

Radical liberal Democrats have emerged in these early years of the 21st Century, pushing an agenda that is not only ungodly but it is also un-American and un-Constitutional. They state it is a “Living Constitution” that needs changing to fit the new world. But the youth have been indoctrinated to believe their lies and not learn about history, so they will have no point of reference or comparison for lessons learned through history. Thus, they are willing to repeat the errors of the past.

The institutions of learning do not teach that the left is the party of slavery. They are the party of abortion responsible for many millions of babies being murdered in the womb, and somehow that is okay.

Make no mistake, the power-mad rulers seek to enslave the world yet again. They will continue to push their worldview to control the masses of ‘deplorables’ they consider less than themselves. That, my brothers and sisters, is Tyranny.

So, in this new century, it has never been clearer that you cannot be a 21st century Democrat and believe in God, our creator, and redeemer.

Many Americans claim to believe in God but are lukewarm in their faith, while others are on fire for the Lord. Both have equally been marginalized and separated from the mainstream in today’s world, much like the Jews were forced to wear an insignia of their Jewishness. But those of faith are much like the separatist Puritans who came to this new land in the 17th Century to have freedom of religion. They were escaping the treachery of the unbridled power of authority in England at that time.

If you stand with the democrats, you are against Conservatives. You stand against God, by default, you stand with the devil. Of course, you have free will, given by God, and through His blessings, America was born to give us the freedom to choose. It provided the liberty to live as we individually desire.

Which side are you on?

Do you think the murder of babies in the womb is okay? Do you think that it is okay to remove God from the public square and from our government? Are you okay with teaching our children crazy things to distort their minds with moral relativism? If you support the progressive democrats, you have strayed and departed from the founding principles and values we have held dear for about 250 years.

If it is not yet obvious what divides us, look to our leaders and the lack of an honest media. But we know in our hearts that good and evil do exist side by side in this world. And it is our apathy that has allowed our leaders to divide us. Some choose the truth of God’s word, and some choose the truth preached by the Godless new world order crowd. If you fail to see how evil the current leaders are, you are denying the Bible’s truth and assisting in the conversion in America to the godless principles of Communism, Socialism whatever ISM you choose that intend to deny liberty and freedom to all except the ruling elite.

The frog, left-leaning citizens, have been boiled slowly but with certainty. Half of our country’s citizens do not realize they have been had, duped, and have been loaded aboard the Titanic as they are led to the slaughter. Congratulations, you on the left can gloat now. You have won the battle through deceit and denial of truth, and thus, inevitably, you will have lost the war.

Submitted by Joe Mavilia, author, journalist, syndicated columnist published in print media including the Los Angeles Times, The Golden Transcript – Colorado, La Feria News – Texas, The Pasadena Weekly – California, and others around the country, including,  Contributing editor, Content writer for, and columnist of Caprock Patriot.





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