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Re-Elect Dustin Burrows

Dustin Burrows, Texas State Representative, District 83

It has been an honor to represent you in the Texas Legislature the past six years; and, I am asking for your vote for another term this November.

This November, it is critical that we re-elect President Donald Trump, who I enthusiastically endorse. It is also essential that voters continue down the ballot and vote for all Republicans on the ballot. Here are just a few of the crucial issues that I am currently working on, on your behalf:

SUPPORT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT: Democrats across this State want to close police departments, which would lead to more crime and threaten Texans’ safety. I am not going to sit idly and watch this happen. That is why I signed the “Texas Backs the Blue Pledge” to oppose any such effort and support the strongest response available for those that try to loot and burn our cities.

Further, like you, I am sickened by the images on television of police being assaulted, their cars and precincts burned. Our law enforcement officers have our backs every single day, and we need to show them that Texans have their backs.

DEFEND THE UNBORN: Many of you have heard that abortion provider Planned Parenthood is trying to return to the South Plains. They were run out of town seven years ago, which has undoubtedly saved lives. It is now clear that we will have to fight that battle again.

As you all know, I am proud to be pro-life and I will defend it from conception to natural death. I joined my local legislative colleagues, Senator Charles Perry and John Frullo, demanding that the Lubbock City Council adopt ordinances to prohibit Planned Parenthood from re-opening. By the time you read this, they may or may not have passed that ordinance; however, rest assured, I intend to fight to see that they do.

COVID-19 RESPONSE: It is not news that our economy was hit hard by forcing businesses to close. It didn’t have to be that way. In their lust for overreach, liberal mayors across this state even tried to use this as an opportunity to close our churches and gun stores. This overreach was a violation of our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights, which is why I asked the Texas Attorney General for an opinion on the legality and constitutionality of that edict. And guess what? The AG agreed with me that closing the gun stores was, in fact, illegal and forced them back open!

In the coming legislative session, I will work with other members to ensure that a future response to a virus is much more limited. That said, I am confident that we will bounce back here because the South Plains’ work ethic is second to none.

PROPERTY TAX REFORM: Many households and small businesses have been forced to sacrifice because of government shutdowns and a rebounding economy. In turn, we expect the government to reciprocate and sacrifice too, which means not raising their property taxes!

As you may know, the State of Texas does not impose a property tax, nor does is it set the tax rate. Local taxing units (cities, counties, and other taxing jurisdictions) decide how much revenues they want to raise, and then they set a corresponding tax rate. You elect local officials to be your representative on these issues of taxation. I worked hard the last session to make this process more transparent and create tools to have your voice heard. I will continue to work on legislation to make sure the taxpayer’s voices are even stronger, and we have more control over whether property taxes increase or not.

BANNING TAXPAYER FUNDED LOBBYING: Finally, I am confident that during the next session, the legislature will once again attempt to ban the use of taxpayer-funded lobbying. Taxpayer-funded lobbying is the practice wherein your tax dollars are used to wine and dine legislators to get them to vote for things like higher taxes, broad powers for cities to annex your property, and against injured first responders. I find this practice insulting to the taxpayer and will once again help author legislation to end it.

Texans, let’s stay strong, healthy, safe, and Christian. Let’s keep Texas a Republican-majority state, where people can realize their dreams, unhindered from liberal, Godless and misguided influences.

Thank you for your vote and your continued support. Early voting is 10/13 – 10/30. Election day is 11/3. VOTE. Make your voice heard!

Submitted by Dustin Burrows, Texas State Representative, District 83. For more information, visit and follow Dustin on Facebook at @Burrows4TX


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