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Sanctuary City for the Unborn Leader Given Prestigious Award

By Michael DeLaney

[image] Pastor Mark Lee Dickson receiving the 2020 Liberty Bell award from East Texans for Liberty

It seems that the local Lubbock mayor (Dan Pope) and the City Council refuse to listen to the advice of Texas Senators and Representatives.   Senator Charles Perry and Representatives John Frullo and Dustin Burrows presented an ordinance to the city council that would outlaw abortion within Lubbock city limits.  Without getting too much into the weeds, the Texas State Legislature reaffirmed cities’ ability to regulate and outlaw abortion at the most recent session (see Senate Bill 22).

Additionally, former Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell offered support of the ordinance by providing free legal aid to the City of Lubbock. Furthermore, the Republican Party of the State of Texas is unequivocally pro-life, something Mayor Pope claims to be. The Mayor and the Lubbock City Council refuse to listen to the wiser, more experienced, and more prestigious statesmen.

There is one more very important person that the City Council to whom will not lend its ear: Pastor Mark Lee Dickson, the founder of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Initiative. You’ve probably heard his name if you’ve been following the pro-life scene in Lubbock.  He probably even has an article in the paper.  However, here is something you might not have heard.

On Saturday, October 10th, Pastor Dickson was honored with a very prestigious award. East Texans for Liberty presented Dickson with the Liberty Award.  Former awardees include Senator Ted Cruz, JoAnn Fleming, State Senator Bryan Hughes, and State Senator Bob Hall.  Dickson was given the Liberty Award for spearheading the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn movement, which is consistent with East Texans for Liberty’s mission statement:

The mission and purpose of East Texans for Liberty is to affect public policy at local, state, and national levels consistent with the core values of constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets, to attract, educate, organize, and activate people of all ages to become involved in civic affairs, preserve these values through political action, and to work cooperatively with other like-minded groups.

Former Governor of Texas Rick Perry was the keynote speaker at the address.  He joined in a standing ovation for Dickson when he received the Liberty Award.  According to Dickson, Former Gov. Perry went out of his way to give him words of encouragement regarding his crucial work across the State of Texas

“It was a great honor,” Dickson said when asked for a comment. “This award belongs not just to me, but to every mayor and every city council member who has stood up with their people and passed an ordinance outlawing abortion declaring once and for all time that babies will never be murdered by abortion in their cities.”

Dickson’s impact has reached every corner of the state of Texas.  This year, the Republican Party of Texas added a plank to the platform supporting cities passing enforceable ordinances outlawing abortion.  Thus, it can be said that opposing the Sanctuary City for the Unborn Initiative means one stands in opposition to the Republican Party of Texas.

Mayor Pope says he’s pro-life and that he strives to be fiscally responsible.  Additionally, he has been really concerned with the United States Constitution since the presentation of the ordinance.

Rep. Burrows, in a tweet, said, “So, the Mayor of Lubbock had no reservation closing churches and gun stores; however, he is all of a sudden worried about the Constitution when Planned Parenthood is threatened. . . . What a farse!”

People of Lubbock, Government of Lubbock, listen to our conservative leaders or give good reasons to oppose them.

Submitted by Michael DeLaney, a local conservative college student,

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