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By the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office

On January 1, 2021, Sheriff Kelly Rowe took the oath of office administered by Judge Curtis Parrish, as he is set to begin his fourth term as Sheriff of Lubbock County.

Kelly Rowe was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on Friday, September 13, 1968.  In 1993 he began his career with the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.  Kelly Rowe began his tenure with the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office in 1999 as the Administrative Lieutenant of the Detention Division.  He was promoted to the rank of Captain in the Detention Division and later transferred to Law Enforcement.  Shortly after, he formed the Transition Team, selected the initial staff, and would ultimately be responsible for ensuring that oversight and all tasks were completed to facilitate a smooth transition into the new facility. Kelly then was promoted to Chief Administrator’s position, which had overall fiscal responsibility for all Sheriff’s Office budgets and funds. He was also a member of the Tactical Operations Unit and was the Commander of the Honor Guard until his appointment.

On September 16, 2009, he was appointed by the Lubbock County Commissioners to Sheriff’s position.  Then on March 3, 2010, Kelly won the Primary election for Sheriff of Lubbock County.

Sheriff Rowe attended high school and college at New Mexico Military Institute.  He entered into military service in the United States Army.  In 1992 he attended and graduated from the Basic Peace Officers Academy in Midland, Texas.  Sheriff Rowe is married to his wife, Nola.

“It’s about the level of commitment, the level of service that the men and women of this organization give to this community,” Sheriff Rowe said.

Submitted by Cpl. Patricia Holbert, Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office Media Liaison. For more information, vis­it or email Cpl. Holbert at


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