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Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office – A Glimpse of Humanity

By the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office

During the time where Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic arrived, where many incarcerated felt as though they had no control over anything, they came together and united around a singular mission.

What began with a conversation between staff, friends, family, girl scouts and donations, the idea of making masks for the entire inmate population and staff began. It didn’t take long before inmates started asking ‘if there was anything they could do to help during the crises’.

With the eagerness and knowledge of both female and male inmates in the Lubbock County Detention Center, the cutting, pinning, and sewing of 2,000 masks begun.

When people unite to accomplish a goal, and the desire to help, anything is possible.

FROM THE CAPROCK PATRIOT: We SALUTE the great work and sacrifice our Lubbock County Sheriff’s makes every day to ensure the security and safety of our citizens. It’s a difficult, dangerous and thankless job. We appreciate you, we pray for your safety, we thank your families for their courage, and we are always grateful for your commitment and sacrifice.

Submitted by Cpl. Patricia Holbert, Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office Media Liaison. For more information, visit or email Cpl. Holbert at


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