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Signposts Along the Way: Are We in the Twilight zone?

By Joseph Mavilia

We drive the highways and byways to get to our destinations and we’re assisted by signs along the way. Remember Rod Serlings’ “The Twilight Zone” TV show of the 1960s and 1970s? It was bizarre then and commonplace in today’s world. Take a trip back in time by visiting this video:

Signs are visuals to warn us to beware, slow down, move over, lane ends, and on and on. Over time more signs evolve because of new experiences and lessons learned. Most often it comes at a cost.

It has been said, “It’s costly wisdom that is bought by experience and experience is the name everyone gives their mistakes”.

My immigrant dad didn’t say that, but he lived it, and used to tell us kids “I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I’ve made”. He wanted us to learn from him and avoid the pain he had endured. I recall him giving me advice about marriage in terms of things that he had done with and for his first wife, that he HAD to do with his second, the first marriage would have worked. Wise words from dad and it makes my point about costly wisdom.

Today’s history lessons are real life and we must learn from those who came before us if we are to avoid the inevitable pitfalls already found and tested. It’s OK to try new things and different solutions to life’s problems but repeating old things that ended badly is foolish.

In the not so distant past, we lived through signs of warning when we learned about tyranny, fascism, communism, and other dictatorships. We learned about monarchies – Kings and Queens conjure up images of punishment for disobedience to the rulers’ demands when subjects had to be tortured on the rack, beaten with whips and chains, shackled, and any barbaric means of control and punishment imaginable. There were too often evil rulers and the peasants, well, they weren’t important but rather were just slaves.

In today’s 21st century world, we are moved and manipulated by more subtle forces. We still have the rich and powerful in both celebrity and government, and we see the obvious signs that wealth and celebrity easily influence a doting public. But the powerful are really nothing more or less than the new modern monarchies of old. And then, of course, we still have the masses who are less important people in the eyes of the elite.

The tech world of today is used for a different kind of control by the movers and shakers, who employ methods of social engineering that is far cleverer than ever. Powerful, connected people own news outlets and control the newest phenomenon we call social media. Yes, we keep in touch with each other and the social engineers keep in touch with us.

They do their dirty work of censoring communication through all forms of media and spinning the news through TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the movies, and songs. Those who provide these handy means of making our lives easier, wiggle their way into our lives, into our kitchens, and even into our bedrooms as they market their goods and services and the most invasive and dangerous – they market their ideology.

Americans are trusting people because of nearly three centuries of stable government… of the people by the people and for the people. This kind of government stability is not shared by all peoples on the planet. Those other forms of government change often but never deliver on promises of prosperity, liberty, and freedom. That luxury has only been provided in America and explains why people from all other nations of the world flock to the Land of Liberty.

Now and predictably the control freaks are raising their ugly heads. The power-hungry are out to devour unsuspecting followers of those leaders who see themselves as better, who seek control to slow or even reduce the growing world population. Clearly when the people could be counted in the millions and even a billion growth was a good thing as the profits and treasuries of the world filled to provide even more power. But now the world’s population is pushing 8 billion and that puts strains on the environment, food production and clean water. The challenges are great but the solution of those in power consider clever ways to reduce the scourge of humanity.

Now consumers have become a threat to the world and the rich and famous crowd see themselves as the saviors of the world. So, they find more civilized ways of reducing the population. Natural disasters are now embellished and assisted by man-made disasters or even outright extermination.

I think we all know that Mao Tse Tung killed 60 million or more Chinese – his own people. Joseph Stalin killed 20 to 30 million Russians – his own people. Murders like this and others caused the bloodiest century ever toping 100 million people who didn’t behave as the power elite demanded. Remember when Mao passed a law limiting one child per family? That was effective to curb the population growth, but there were side effects. People would murder undesirable girl babies after birth or later through abortion.

We have observed copycat pandemics currently to create control methods that prove to be terrifying as evil people dream up unending ways to eliminate population numbers that are an “inconvenient truth” or fact of life. Currently, fear is, once again, used to give the ruling elite more power. They are the leaders of the “New World Order” movement. They are using mind control through a manufactured crisis instilling fear to achieve their goals of one world domination. The power elite meets in places like Davos and other prestigious venues to plan devious ways to deal with an ever-growing population – the new “Final Solution”.

However, if there was any good news it is that the common man meets around the kitchen table, during vacations and holiday gatherings, birthday parties, and other family get-togethers. The Harley motorcycle riders gather at concerts and other destinations of interest. Some meet at church and parties where they talk and share ideas, concerns, and fears ever-present on the news.

So, in the final analysis, it is us against them. All the world is a stage Shakespeare wrote, and the players in the current play are folks you know and some you don’t know. Old rich white guys like George Soros, Bill Gates, Al Gore, and even Pope Frances. Nearly all the Democrat party in America is included and the RINO’S in Washington, DC are all lining up in lockstep order waging war on We the People

Well, I’m betting on We the People to win this global war and I believe the silent majority has been misunderstood and misjudged. I believe they have finally been awakened to the plans of a creepy crowd of maniac’s hell-bent on grand schemes of controlling the entire world.

Face it, the average man and woman are only interested in one thing. They want to raise their families. They desire to feed, clothe, provide shelter, and to bond and have a little family fun and, of course, experience the joy of accomplishment that is basic to us all. We the People usually have limited resources and thus have limited power which is simply our free will. What the world rulers have forgotten is that such dastardly deeds require lurking in the shadows and never reveal their true intentions.

We the People perceive the ‘webs they weave” and know that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We gave them trust and power, and they have abused that trust and we’ve finally had enough.

Enough is enough and too much is nasty.

Submitted by Joe Mavilia, author, journalist, syndicated columnist published in print media including the Los Angeles Times, The Golden Transcript – Colorado, La Feria News – Texas, The Pasadena Weekly – California, and others around the country, including,  Contributing editor, Content writer for, and columnist of Caprock Patriot.

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