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Some Thoughts on the Vaccine Agenda

By Soaring Eagle

Have you noticed there is a war on any information or person that does not support the rush to vaccinate everyone?  If you have a question about the thoroughness of the vaccine testing and its long-term effects the “Masters of the Universe” either censor you or delete your post altogether.   This is Communist Chinese Party (CCP) level censorship, and it is revealing about the tyranny of social media and the current administration.  Thou shalt not question the often-disproven Fauci even when he reverses his own opinions.  Follow the CDC guidelines if you can keep up with the chaotic policies… and do not get me started about the communist World Health Organization (WHO).

Why would anyone choose to take a vaccine for a virus that is over 99% survivable in the first place?  In the second place, why would you choose to be injected with a rapidly developed vaccine that has not been fully tested? Finally, if the manufacturers of these vaccines will not deliver them without legal restrictions being granted to protect them from law suites for any damages or side effects… that would be a, no pun intended, dead give away that even the manufacturers know they are potentially dangerous.

There is no scientific research that can predict the future impacts of these vaccines on the population receiving them.  When you consider this with the knowledge of the statements of the people funding the vaccines about fighting Climate Change with population control, it is most disturbing.  There seems to be a double standard concerning the pro-abortion mantra of “my body, my choice” and the anti-vaccine crowd saying, “my body, my choice.”  No doubt, the Fauci/Gates crowd are going to push as hard as possible to force mandatory vaccinations (follow the money).  We are headed toward a new Gestapo era where we are demanded to “show your papers” or you can not travel or buy goods.  One way or another we will be forced to take the vaccine or face consequences as great as mass incarceration or murder, as it is attributed to Mark Twain, “history may not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”  The human dimension does not change and man’s inhumanity to man does not change either.  These are dangerous times and appear to be getting more dangerous as reason, logic, and even common sense have become rare.

What is the purpose behind this strategy of fear that demands vaccinations against a virus so deadly you must be tested to know you had it?  It is sinister at best and knowing the Davos crowd is behind it and that Fauci predicted it in January 2017 saying, “There will be a challenge to the coming administration in the area of infectious diseases” makes it appear to be a planned event to potentially reduce the world population to save the planet from Climate Change.  So, who gets to choose who can have children, how many, and who gets to live and for how long?  It appears that the New World Order will decide if everyone is vaccinated and eventually chipped.

Wake up and think about who is responsible for your health.  If you put that responsibility on the government, remember they can not even run the Post Office efficiently and cannot rise to remove a sitting member of the House Intelligence Committee for sleeping with a Chinese spy.

Submitted by Soaring Eagle who is the nom de plume of a retired Army Colonel with National Security and Diplomatic background.


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