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Stephen Sanders, 2020 Candidate for Mayor

Lubbock Mayoral Race: What’s at Stake
By Stephen Sanders

Lubbock is faced with a major fight to keep Planned Parenthood out of our city. We stand in a place where we must decide whether we are ready to move forward or take steps back. As a Christian Conservative, I’m asking for your vote because I want to stand in the gap for you in this difficult time.

As a Lubbock native, I love this city very much. I am running for Mayor because the current leadership in city hall runs amuck with your tax dollars on questionable projects, while enabling taxpayer money – your money – to be funneled to family member’s business interests. That is wrong, if not even criminal.  Having met with many of you, I’ve heard your primary concerns: the cities’ spending habits, the lack of transparency, and Planned Parenthood. Now is your opportunity to have a leader who stands beside you in the battle. I stand with President Trump in wanting to drain the swamp.

I want to give you that peace of mind knowing that every single day you are going to have someone fighting for you at City Hall. Our city reminds me of the story of David and Goliath, champion of the Philistines and a giant. Goliath challenged the Israelites to send out their champion to decide their ongoing war through single combat. David and Goliath are often referenced as a moral lesson of how underdogs can overcome the odds and be successful, and I believe that is where we are right now. I am your champion, and the current Mayor is Goliath. Send me out to represent us because you are sending someone who is driven by God. I’m not afraid to stand against what is not right, and I will not be manipulated by money or the good ole boy system.

If you wonder why becoming your Mayor means so much to me, it is because this city has been good to my family and me. Serving as Mayor is an opportunity to repay the love that has been shown to me over the years. I’m determined to set the bar very high for Mayors who will come after me.

Loving the citizens, representing the citizens, and keeping their best interests at heart will be my priority. Also, to make sure the city council knows that the tax money belongs to the citizens, not the City Council. It is also time to simplify how we make information available about the city. My administration will show the citizens where the money comes in and where it goes in a simple manner. With lower taxes, builders can build, restaurants and other small businesses can thrive, and yes, this can happen ALL over Lubbock.

We will also stop spending money on things we don’t need nor really want. I do not want to be remembered as a mayor who built the city’s most significant buildings. I want to be remembered for my heart and hard work in the community. I want to be remembered as the Mayor who never left anyone behind and propelled us into financial and social stability. I want to be recognized as a leader who inspired and empowered other people to reach, and even exceed, their goals.

I have plans to always be out in our community, walking our neighborhoods, supporting our citizens, not sitting in the top floor of Citizens Tower like some Roman potentate.

As you read this, I hope that your heart will feel my desire to serve. In early voting (10/13-10/30) or on election day (11/3), I humbly ask you to check the box for Stephen Sanders for Lubbock Mayor.

I am excited about our city’s future, and I promise to work tirelessly to make decisions based on your desires as citizens.  Keeping you informed and not letting the council mislead you will help end the runaway spend habits. Voting Stephen Sanders means we will all have a very bright future in Lubbock.

Submitted by Stephen Sanders, 2020 candidate for Lubbock Mayor. For more information, visit and follow me on Facebook at @StephenForLubbock2020.

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