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Stephen Sanders, 2020 Candidate for Mayor

Meet Stephen Sanders, 2020 Candidate for Lubbock Mayor

By Stephen Sanders

My name is Stephen Sanders, and I am running for Mayor of Lubbock.

I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, with a brother, sister, and a loving mother. I grew up in the church where I learned the importance of keeping Christ at the center of my life. I attended Maedgen Elementary and Wheatly Elementary. I then attended Alderson Junior High School, where I met one of the biggest influences in my life, Mrs. Carolyn Thompson, an all-time leading scorer for Lady Raider Basketball team, who was my Principal.

I then attended Estacado High School for one year and then transferred to Monterey, where I received my diploma. I’m a true plainsman to heart, by the way!

I then decided to leave for the military and join the U.S. Army, where I became a 92 Y (Unit Supply Specialist) stationed in Ft. Bragg. After serving honorably in the U.S. Army, I returned to Lubbock and once again started back working with the church and particularly with the youth of the church. They are our future! And, I found much reward and joy in giving them a foundation of Christ to build upon.

I also started my music career around this time playing at Stubbs BBQ and learning from music greats such as John Sprott and Sean Frankhouser.

Shortly after my return, I met my beautiful wife, Mckinzie Sanders, and we started a family. Mckinzie is the niece of the great late Donnie Allison from the Cactus Theatre. She is my backbone, along with Christ, and without both of their support, I would not be where I am.

My wife and children have always been a part of my community service, and it has served as an excellent way to teach my children how to be great young men and women and to be humble. Family is everything to me, and to teach my children how to be great people is my number goal in life.

Shortly after my return from the military, I felt compelled to work with the homeless, and have been doing that ever since. It taught me more humility and gratefulness for all the things God has given me over the years. I began to work with different entities from all over the city, such as the Review Board from United Way, the ministerial staff at my church, and various individuals. That work of love showed me how I was able to bring all people together to serve less fortunate people.

Ultimately, I heard a higher calling to run for mayor. In 2018 I ran as a write-in candidate and had an opportunity to learn a lot about city operations and the issues we face from an inside perspective. This opportunity indeed drove me to become a full-fledged 2020 candidate as the desire grew much deeper to fulfill this God-ordained mission. I began to break our budgets down and learn the Council’s methods and tactics as a preparation for being on the ballot in 2020. During this time, I took classes at Texas Tech, where I have received my certificate of business from the Rawls Business Institute.

I will work tirelessly to bring the same level of commitment, values, and cohesiveness to the City of Lubbock and the Council as I do my personal life. Equally important,  I will bridge the current gap of distrust between the City Council and the citizens of Lubbock.

Most importantly, I love Lubbock and have an intense passion for serving the community and doing it well. This is also why my policy will 100% transparency and trust while taking a strong conservative stance against a liberal council.

My passion comes from thankfulness to the Lubbock Community for accepting my business and raising me to be a great businessman. I’ve heard it said many times before, that it takes a village to raise a child and I believe that village for me is Lubbock.

My conservative values come from the fact that I believe the word of God, and I also think you have to work hard to get the things you want. I have done extensive self-reflection and research on why I’m a conservative. I stand for life. I stand for freedom over socialism. I stand for liberty over lawlessness. I stand for the Constitution. And I stand for God!

Finally, to be an African American Conservative can be tough sometimes, but I love my country and believe in the values that it was built on. As a proud Trump supporter, I also think we have an excellent opportunity to keep our country great.

I look forward to applying my conservative values to our city operations to working to keep our city a family and Christian city. Most of all, I look forward to ensuring we keep Lubbock financially stable many years to come, for the benefit of all.

I would welcome the chance to chat with any of Lubbock’s residents. I want you to know who I personally before you cast your vote for a Mayor in the upcoming election! You can reach met at (806) 470-8306 or by sending me an email from my website

Early voting is October 13-30 and election day is November 3. I humbly and prayerfully ask for you to vote Stephen Sanders for the new Mayor of Lubbock.

Submitted by Stephen Sanders, 2020 candidate for Lubbock Mayor. For more information, visit and follow me on Facebook at @StephenForLubbock2020.


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