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Supporting LOCAL is a Joy!

By DeAnna Willman

Thanks to this amazing country in which we live, all individuals have the opportunity to turn their ideas and hard work into large companies and wealth as witnessed by such businesses as Amazon and Walmart.  It is the freedom, capitalist economy, and equal opportunity provided by this United States of America that allowed the existence, growth, and success of each company.  Yet, so many of these big box companies and restaurants have snubbed their noses at the very freedoms, economy, and citizens who have provided their success.  They have bowed in worship to the minions of the one world disorder, they have supported the ideologies of domestic terrorists, have enabled the psychosis and confusion of those ideologies, and have slandered those many who do not hold to the same chaos and lunacy.

Now, these large corporations are acting as if they are the Chinese Communist party by demanding that all their employees and customers submit to medical procedures (masking, social distancing) that have proven to be more harmful than beneficial to the vast majority of the world’s population.  In fact, Amazon has hidden the fact that since forcing these medical procedures upon their employees in their warehouses around the world, the number of coronavirus cases among their employees has sharply increased.  These are the exact same results the Chinese Communist Party had in China with the same procedures they had forced upon their citizens decades ago.

As a result of the large corporations forgetting their roots and what it is that made their success possible, many people around the country have chosen to quit shopping at those large stores.  Instead, customers are exercising their freedom to take their money elsewhere, which is very good news for local and small businesses!   Most local and small businesses still acknowledge and are grateful for the freedoms of this nation.  And they respect the right each one of their customers has to choose where to shop and what medical procedures will best benefit them and their families.

Many of us in our small city have spent the last month shopping local and with small businesses.  In doing so we have discovered several things.  We have discovered that there are usually more than one local store or small business in town that carries what we would normally purchase from one of the big box stores.  There is only one time I have had to go online to find a small business that sells something I could not find in my town.  And our local coffee shops are amazing!

We have enjoyed the privilege of getting to know our neighbors who run these small and local businesses and their employees.  We have been able to build relationships with each one and they with us.  Most local and small business owners do not view their customers as simply dollar signs or a means to profit.  They know we are their neighbors, relatives, and friends.  The owners of these stores are not sending their profits to large corporations out of town, state, or even the nation.  Our money stays local and blesses our neighbors and our town itself.  That’s a huge plus at this time in our economy!

Local and small businesses are more likely to have products that are made locally, within the state, and within this nation.  That translates to more jobs for people who are in our town, in our state, and our country, instead of jobs in other nations, especially nations that produce their products with slave labor.  Right now, some of our neighbors are in desperate need of those jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables.

Over the past month, I have not missed the big box stores, nor their arrogance toward this country and the good people of this country.  Instead, I have been blessed with the joy of knowing I am helping my neighbors, friends, and relatives by supporting their businesses and purchasing their products.  I deeply appreciate the relationships I am building with the locals in their stores.  And I enjoy knowing that instead of using my money to support those who do not value this country and its freedoms and those who refuse to respect our rights, I am using my hard-earned money  to support and love my neighbor.  God bless this country, and God bless the small and local businesses!

Submitted by DeAnna Willman, Levelland, TX


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